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Remote Mega-Multifamily Truss Designer J14099

Employer: Client Confidential

Our client, a Multiplant manufacturer of mostly Mega-Multifamily projects is looking for a Remote Mega-Multifamily Truss Designer. 

Remote Senior Designer - Panel/Truss/Multifamily J14096

Wall Panel Designer/Floor Truss Designer 190611.1

Looking For Wall Panel Designer and Floor Truss and Floor Panel Designer For Plant In Stockton California

Independent Sales Representative 190221.1

Employer: Merrick Machine Co / Triad Ruvo

Triad and RUVO are searching for Independent Sales Reps in North America. Triad continues to be the industry leader and has manufactured more wall panel equipment than our competitors combined. RUVO manufactures a complete line of Pre-hung Door Equipment including the new 9600 Touch Doorlite...

Truss Design Technician at Stark Truss Company Inc. 190201.1

Employer: Stark Truss Company

Under general supervision, this position creates truss placement plans, truss design drawings and truss quotes along with providing technical support to customers and sales representatives related to truss components for residential and commercial projects. Stark Truss Company complies with...

Mega-Multifamily Wall Panel Designer 190121.2

Employer: TheJobLine.com (Client Confidential)

If you are a mid level to senior wall panel designer, able to design Mega-Multifamily projects from 350,000 sft, working on two or three 300 unit apartment projects at once, able to design in savings, and create packages that work in the plant and on site, this is the job.  The company uses...

Truss Design Manager at BuilderUp 190115.1

Employer: BuilderUp

Do you love truss design? Do you enjoy teaching? Are you looking for a challenge? Is it thrilling for you to watch someone you have mentored reach new heights? Then keep reading! BuilderUp is a building materials supply company with two retail locations and a manufacturing location. Our...

Remote Senior Mega-Multifamily Wall Panel Designer 18854

Employer: TheJobLine.com (Client Confidential)

Truss Designer 181017.1

Employer: Trussway Manufacturing

SUMMARY:  Optimizes and generates clear, complete and accurate working plans and detail layout drawings based on architectural and engineering plans for the fabrication of roof/floor trusses and components.

Production Manager - Truss/EWP 14063

Employer: TheJobLine.com (Client Confidential)

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