For roof and floor trusses or wall panels, building with wood or steel, contact these advertisers for new and used manufacturing and handling equipment, saws, software, plates, connectors, fasteners, hardware, tools, lumber, EWP, employment services, business management assistance, consulting, financing, and more!

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4Ward Consulting

Our “Boots on the Ground” practice is built on more than 25 years of service and success having owned and operated several large component plants and other manufacturing operations in the building industry. Services include Lean/Continuous Improvement programs, Business Turn-Around, Time & Motion Studies and Key Metrics, New Business Startup, Business Valuations & Financial Services, Product Development, Personnel Development & Hiring Strategies, Supply Chain Management and many other services. Find out how you can #GoLean with 4Ward Consulting Group.

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Acceptance Leasing & Financing Service, Inc.

For more than a quarter of a century, we’ve worked diligently to earn the loyalty and trust of both our clients and vendors in the component industry. We’re proud of our unwavering commitment to pursue every avenue to obtain a funding solution that best suits your needs. Our commitment means that we will work with you from start to finish, from your initial call to the delivery of the equipment. Our goal is to be the gold standard in the commercial and municipal equipment leasing/financing business. With Acceptance, you can start smarter, grow faster, and achieve more.

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Acer Inc.

With advanced design and quality construction, Acer Inc. builds cost-effective and reliable lumber handling equipment for wood truss and wall panel manufacturers. Our flagship product is the Ranger, a fully automatic Laser Guided Lumber Retrieval System. The Ranger sets the pace of production in your plant, keeping linear saws fed automatically to reduce errors and downtime, while speeding up your production and reducing your labor costs. Able to be optimized to any plant configuration, the Ranger is the leader in automated lumber feed systems.

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Clark Industries, Inc.

Considering Equipment? Consider Clark. With nearly 50 years of experience, we build equipment to last. We stress quality, reliability and continued support. We take great pride in the equipment we manufacture, the service we provide, and the relationships we’ve built throughout the years. Our equipment line includes roof truss presses, jack truss presses, floor truss machines, post and column lamination systems and fully electric horizontal and peak-up style truss stacking systems. When “cookie cutter” won’t cut it, see what Clark can do for you.

Eagle Metal logo

Eagle Metal

Serving the component industry for more than 30 years with connector plates, structural design software, engineering services and manufacturing equipment, Eagle Metal is committed to providing exceptional products and customer service. With our TrueBuild® Cloud, you can send fully realized 3D models directly to a customer’s desktop or mobile device, showing customers every project detail and promoting crystal clear communication. Manufacturers across the country are discovering the advantages of partnering with us. Eagle Metal…Engineered. Tested. True.®

Eide Integrated Systems, LLC | ProCut, LLC logo

Eide Integrated Systems, LLC | ProCut, LLC

WizardPDS® by Eide Integrated Systems leads the industry with innovative table automation solutions and products to meet any requirement. Our Universal table can expand any existing system, even discontinued models, with WizardPDS® automation. When it comes to experience, Eide Machinery Sales has been serving the Wood Product and Fabrication Industries since 1927 and the Component Manufacturing Industry since its beginning. And now, our ProCut™ UC Linear Saw Series delivers safe and accurate cutting of all roof, floor truss and wall panel components.

Fitzgerald Group, LLC logo

Fitzgerald Group, LLC

Not producing the results you need or want? Getting conflicting information about what to do and the systems/solutions to get there? Before you Buy – ask yourself – do I need a Salesman or a Guide? If you feel an Independent Guide with 40 years in the industry should have your bottom-line results as the #1 priority, then let’s talk. Also, don’t let “Financing Deals” influence your best systems/solutions. We can arrange Zero Down, No Deposits & No Payments for 90 days! The Fitzgerald Group – a blending of excellent services and products with answers that work.

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In4 Solutions

OEM manufacturer of the Hornet saw system, In4 delivers enterprise grade cutting and marking systems that help component builders achieve profitable and productive factory operations. Hornet saws are known for cutting and marking plate layout with all of the information embedded that wall panel assembly crews need. Offering easy installation and easy integration with all of the popular wall panel design software, and delivering a stream of fully detailed parts to the assembly crews, Hornet saws can be a valuable tool in your quest to maximize quality and efficiency.

Layman’s Lumber Guide logo

Layman’s Lumber Guide

Layman’s Lumber Guide is known for softwood lumber market forecasts and trading strategies. What would you give to have next week’s Wall Street Journal today? LLG is exactly that for lumber...Sunday FORECAST & Wednesday BRIEFING and monthly BLUEPRINT lumber and OSB market forecasts project: when the market will rise and fall, how much price could change, and how long it will take to do so. Mastering the lumber market requires a simple, recurring Action Plan that anticipates and exploits price volatility. The lumber market is easy to beat when you know what is coming.

Maintenance & Repair Technologies logo

Maintenance & Repair Technologies

Maintenance & Repair Technologies (MRT) is dedicated to providing quality products and services at competitive prices. Our staff is dependable and service oriented, and we will meet your expectations. In addition to our repair and rebuild services, we are your source for Z Material Carts (Patent Pending). With solid steel construction, heavy duty swivel casters, and 2500# capacity, our Z carts reduce handling fatigue and improve floor workflow. Multiple carts nest for space efficiency and can be moved easily as one. These carts are “Material handling made ease-z.”

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A Better Way to Build—Experience the new level of MiTek’s unique and complete range of operations software, framing, and connection solutions. To succeed in today’s residential construction industry, innovation isn’t just important – it’s imperative. MiTek is helping you set the new standard with an expanding line of structural framing connectors, enhanced automation with DirectDrive™ configuration, and MiTek SAPPHIRE® software offering the industry’s most powerful software from structural design to full production management. The future is pre-fabricated.

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Panels Plus

Leading the way in the evolution of building, Panels Plus offers solutions for both wood and light gauge steel wall panel and floor section manufacturing equipment. By listening to our customers’ feedback, we continue to improve our products to reduce downtime and improve productivity. We stand behind our equipment with a firm commitment to customer support. Our goal is to help you with solutions to your component manufacturing needs. Together we can design a solution for your business.

Precision Equipment MFG logo

Precision Equipment MFG

Precision Equipment MFG delivers premier truss trailers specifically designed to accommodate the challenging demands of the building industry. We offer multiple trailer sizes in goose-necks, standard, and extendables that incorporate industry-leading manufacturing components and features to ensure an excellent return on your investment. We offer: custom paint colors; custom designs; wireless remote; super single option; split roller option; and exclusive patented features. At Precision Equipment MFG, we’re delivering products our customers can depend on.

Simpson Strong-Tie logo

Simpson Strong-Tie

Incorporating customer feedback, we’ve developed our Component Solutions™ (CS) Truss Studio™ software, which offers simple yet robust tools for truss design. And, we complement it with our project management software, CS Director™, which offers support for both your onsite and remote design staff with its cloud-compatible architecture. When you combine our innovative software with our high-quality truss connector plates, world-class customer support, and comprehensive software training, you get a complete offering for all your component manufacturing needs.

Square 1 Design & Manufacture Inc. logo

Square 1 Design & Manufacture Inc.

A family business with family values, Square 1 strives to build the best manufacturing equipment and provide the best service, all at a competitive price. Specializing in advanced machine controls lets us customize the operation of your specific equipment. Our unique economy based lines of equipment allow smaller budgets to enjoy the benefits of NEW equipment. Plus, we are the exclusive North American Agents of Spida Machinery, we service and support MangoTech product solutions, and we offer the complete list of Klaisler Mfg. Corp. parts, manuals and equipment.

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It’s a brand new day in wall panel production, thanks to Terminailer®, a sub-component assembler that quickly and precisely drives 30–70% of the framing nails in any wall panel job—be it batch or just-in-time production. With a sole operator, Terminailer drives a whole lot of improvement in efficiency and output. Add increased safety and easy maintenance with off-the-shelf parts—all with no complicated training, software, or set-up time required, even when switching configurations—and you can see why Terminailer should be driving greater productivity in your plant.

The Hain Company logo

The Hain Company

Our innovative products can help streamline your company, speed production and reduce labor costs. The Hain Systems Framer will help you build square and accurate open wall panels. The Hain Sub Component Nailer will speed up your production of wall panel, window, door and other sub components. The Vent Block Drill is designed to make lumber, truss and wall panel manufacturing yards more efficient by easily converting scrap wood into useable vent (frieze) blocks in seconds. And, the Hain Measuring System is the fastest, most efficient way to measure and cut.

The logo


The JobLine specializes in matching Industry Professionals with Employers in the Engineered Wood Products, Truss and Wall Panel industries. As the Candidate intermediary, our process is unique, doesn’t require a resume and only presents you to an employer if you approve. For Employers, we screen candidates to meet your specifications, test skills when applicable and only present candidates who are qualified and interested in employment that matches your needs. Strictly Confidential! For Career Choices in the Building Component Industry, Choose The JobLine!

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Todd Drummond Consulting, LLC

The most comprehensive and refined consulting service in the component industry. No one is better than Todd Drummond Consulting to provide your company with proven results. Go beyond the typical vendor recommendations for your operations and do what more than 100+ different companies have dared to do. Find out just how much your operation can improve its sales, design and manufacturing processes using lean principles and other best practices our industry has to offer. 100+ Consultations – 30+ Years in the Industry – 15+ Years in the Consultation Business

Triad | Merrick Machine logo

Triad | Merrick Machine

Triad’s wall panel systems are more than just machinery, they’re tuned integrated systems. We provide the high production, reduced costs, and minimal lead-time you need in today’s housing market. Since 1960, Triad has been the builders’ source for automated machine tools for the housing industry, including wood wall panel equipment, steel framing equipment, stair building machines, floor building equipment, material handling carts, and more. We’ll help you not only keep competitive but stay ahead of the competition. High or low volume, Triad is there for you!

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Trussmatic is the world’s leading producer of Fully Automatic Solutions for the Building Component Manufacturing Industry. Our automatic wooden roof truss production technology is based on our patented Smart Robotics Solution. The production capacity of our highly efficient assembly solution can be tailored to the requirements of each customer. With a space saving layout and employing lean manufacturing principles to optimize material and information flow, our line is robust, reliable, efficient, smart and safe, delivering cost savings and excellent quality.

Vekta USA logo

Vekta USA

The Vekta Razer delivers the minimal size and maximum versatility you need from an automated linear saw. Our pursuit for excellence drives us to continuously develop and improve our machinery, and we enhance and add features to our software every four to six months. Customer service and technical support are our highest priority, offered 24/7 from the software developers and engineers of the machines. Vekta is committed to developing new-to-market material handling and precision printing products too, designed specifically for this industry and your business.

Wasserman & Associates logo

Wasserman & Associates

Being a small family-owned company, we personally address your needs. Wasserman & Associates is a representative for new truss, wall panel, stair, door and finger jointing equipment, and we also offer the option of used or reconditioned equipment. If you’re looking for reasonably priced equipment with long-term reliability and performance as well as installation support, contact us. As a partner in your equipment selection process, we promote the equipment that best suits your individual requirements, not the equipment that optimizes our commission.

Wood Truss Systems, Inc. logo

Wood Truss Systems, Inc.

Fully independent, we search from a variety of suppliers for new and used equipment and services that best meet your needs. For over thirty years, we’ve built a reputation and our whole business on it. Count on effective, economical, and timely solutions with new and used: lumber processing equipment, roof and floor truss equipment, wall panel equipment, automated saws, laser projection, and lumber retrieval. Respected by our customers and competitors for delivery of innovative and objective solutions. Whatever you envision, we’ll help you see it through.