The Advertiser is the most accessible and cost-effective way to convey your message to companies and individuals in the international structural building components industry. We offer advertisers an open forum to connect directly with our readers each month.

You Know Your Business Tell Us About It

More than ads alone, our magazine encourages advertisers to provide content that tells the story of your business in your own words.

Step 1. Color Advertising

With our low rates, full color advertising is always affordable! A quarter-page ad is as economical as $128/month and a full-page ad $496/month.

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Step 2: News & Announcements

ALL advertisers are invited to submit content for our News & Announcements section. This includes press releases, product updates, and company announcements. This space is FREE to advertisers.

What's required? Send us your update, preferably in MS Word, and include any corresponding images, pictures, and a company logo. We’ll handle the rest!

Step 3: Articles Written By You

ALL advertisers are invited to submit articles, too! The more ads you provide per issue, the more space that is available for you to fill with articles written by your company’s professionals. This space is FREE to advertisers.

How much space? The number and length of articles available to any advertiser per issue is based on the size of their advertising commitment. For example, a half-page advertiser may provide a one-page article (approx. 250 to 450 words). A full-page advertiser with an annual commitment may be eligible to provide multiple and/or lengthy articles in each issue.

Writing Your Story - We're Here to Help!

You know your product inside and out. You know the features that most appeal to your customers. You know what problems your company solves. You know what issues your professionals have tackled. You know your business and now you should share that information in our open forum!

How to start writing: All articles start with a good idea. Then that becomes sentences, which turns into paragraphs and a story. Some people are natural authors while others struggle – but that’s okay! We’re here to help you, whether you need a little help or a lot. All articles are reviewed by our editor for style, format, and grammar, but we also can provide extra editing assistance, if needed, to help you put your story into a format that conveys your message more clearly. The Advertiser will never tell you what your story is – we’ll simply help you tell your story to our readers.

Adding Your Story to Our Library

When your articles appear in our monthly issues, they also are added to our new online Library. That means anyone with a connected device may search the internet and read what you have to say about your products and services. Your access to potential customers extends well beyond a single issue of our magazine, and your expertise will continue to speak for itself online.

Recognition on Our Website

ALL advertisers are included in our online Advertisers list AND eligible to have their logo in the rotating banner. Both of these complimentary inclusions increase your visibility and make it even easier for potential customers to learn more about your company.

You work hard developing the products and services that meet your customers’ needs. Now it’s time to invest in advertising that will let you reach more people with the ads, news, and articles that demonstrate the best your company has to offer.

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