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Independent Sales Representative

Posting ID: 190221.1


Triad and RUVO are searching for Independent Sales Reps in North America. Triad continues to be the industry leader and has manufactured more wall panel equipment than our competitors combined. RUVO manufactures a complete line of Pre-hung Door Equipment including the new 9600 Touch Doorlite Cutter. If you have ties in the construction or millwork community and want to represent a family owned and American made product please contact me. Feel free to reach out to me for any questions or concerns.


Sales experience preffered but not required.


Interpersonal skills, self motivated, trustworthy, and persistence.

Software & Proficiency


Education & Training

Triad Ruvo offers training.


Merrick Machine Co / Triad Ruvo


Nebraska - 68810


Commission Only | Currency:
  • Other

Job Type

  • Contract

Experience Level

  • Mid Level

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