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Production Manager - Truss/EWP J14063

Posting ID: J14063



5+ years experience in a truss manufacturing supervisory or management position. Employer may consider a move up production or shift supervisor with the required technical experience in manufacturing trusses and EWP.


Hands on, people person, trainer, leader. Hiring and motivating. Experienced in managing to goals, production metrics. Trusses (Roof and Floor Truss) and EWP. 90+- production employees, responsible for the plant, not the yard and not delivery.

Software & Proficiency

MiTek MVP, TCT, and Vertek experience required

Education & Training

High School graduate, MiTek MVP and other software training preferred.


TheJobLine.com (Client Confidential)




$85-90k plus bonus. Relocation assistance available | Currency: USD
  • Salary

Job Type

  • Full-time

Experience Level

  • Mid Level
  • Senior Level

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