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Remote Senior Mega-Multifamily Wall Panel Designer

Posting ID: 18854


Our Client is looking for unique people who want to be part of a growing, cutting edge, and well funded effort to change the way building components are designed and manufactured.  As cutting edge as their equipment and systems are, they are also redefining the work environment to be more focused on people.  Their approach to flexible hours, pay for performance and effort, as well as benefits makes them a cut above.  After talking with management, I get their goal for working as a team, and supporting each other to get the job done.  Collaboration and teamwork is key in their environment.  Everyone I talked to, current and past employees, say the people there are the best.

  • Plan, develop, and execute panelization strategy for entire multifamily building from architectural and engineering plans and designs to completed manufacturable panelized components
  • Produces component designs for wall panels, floors and roof trusses, or floor panels.
  • On a limited basis, provides layouts, performs engineering, and takeoff services using ability to understand blueprints and requirements for specific projects.
  • Coordinates with sales, product development estimating, production, engineering and the architects to achieve customer schedules and cost objectives.
  • Provide recommendations to architectural and structural design conflicts.
  • Ensures project files, engineering seals and records are properly maintained.
  • Interprets loading conditions, sequencing, and requirements.  Will execute or direct other designers in accomplishing loading designs/plans within design software packages.
  • Computes complex load and grade requirements and material stress factors to determine design specifications based on structural design needs.
  • Ensures economical and proper use of materials per current inventory levels and material costs.
  • Leadership level involvement with Design for Manufacturability and Constructability initiatives
  • Demonstrates a strong working knowledge of the capabilities of the factory equipment and produces highly cost effective and production friendly component designs.
  • Performs project site reviews and resolves customer service and quality issues associated with projects.
  • Produces materials list (Bill Of Material).
  • Not limited to executing Component Design Level II, I, or Associate Designer tasks as directed; also delegable for Team Lead or Design Mgr. tasks.


  • Experience in wall panels or floor and roof truss design
  • 6+ Years of HSBCAD, MiTek, Alpine, Strucsoft, AGA CAD, Revit, or Vision REZ design software.
  • 6+ Years preparing shop, construction, and permitting documents in one of the above software platforms.
  • Preferred experience with HSBCAD, AutoCAD Architecture, MiTek
  • Detail oriented
  • Organized & excellent communication skills
  • High degree of familiarity with Word & Excel

Software & Proficiency

  • HSBCAD, MiTek, Alpine, Strucsoft, AGA CAD, Revit, or Vision REZ design software

Education & Training

Compensation: Based on experience, ability, and your ability to successfully work together within the team.  Relocation assistance is no problem.  Inquire to be considered.


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Salary $80-100K + | Currency: USD
  • Salary

Job Type

  • Full-time

Experience Level

  • Mid Level
  • Senior Level

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