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Wall Panel Designer

Posting ID: 190121.1


Gordon Components MI is a rapidly growing company that designs, builds, and delivers Commercial, Residential and Multi-Family structural building components throughout Michigan.  Are you a hard-working individual, looking for the opportunity to achieve a successful career in an organization where family and hard work are the foundation of the company. If so, Gordon Components, MI may be a good place for you! We are committed to rewarding skill, perseverance and an entrepreneurial attitude with opportunities for growth.

Medical, Dental, Vision Insurance, Holiday Pay, Accidental & Life Insurance

Principal Duties / Responsibilities:

  • Wall Panel Designer is responsible for the accurate design of walls and components for single family, multi-family and commercial projects.
  • Compiling material lists, producing and generating fabrication drawings for the shop.
  • Assists sales and production with design service and troubleshooting
  • Optimizes designs for maximum efficiency.
  • Self-managing; works well under little supervision
  • Highly motivated and enthusiastic
  • Good interpersonal skills and good communicator
  • Team player and supports the Company's goals
  • Conducts themselves in a professional manner
  • Provide technical expertise and knowledge to field staff when necessary.
  • Understands field requirements and constructability of panelized components.
  • Attention to detail is a MUST.



  • A minimum of two years framing experience or a minimum 2 years experience designing optimized projects utilizing related software such as Intelibuild, Timberline, Mitek Sapphire or Alpine.
  • Knowledge of wood framing, hold downs, and structural components typical in wood framed buildings.
  • Hands on framing experience is a plus.
  • Previous experience in a construction environment.


  • Read and understand blueprints
  • Strong math skills
  • Computer skills/proficiency of the use of Mitek and other business and design related software.
  • Successfully interact with all organizational levels and the public
  • Communicate effectively with others, including customers, peers, and management
  • Manage several activities/projects at once, to organize and prioritize work, to meet deadlines, to prepare plans, goals and budgets.

Software & Proficiency

Proficiency of the use of Mitek and other business and design related software
Intelibuild, Timberline, Mitek Sapphire or Alpine.

Education & Training

Minimum high school graduate. Preferred Bachelor’s Degree in related discipline or equivalent
Minimum 2 to 5 years of experience in related field/responsibilities.
Hands on framing experience is a plus.
Previous experience in a construction environment.


Gordon Components


MI - 48174


  • Hourly
  • Salary

Job Type

  • Full-time

Experience Level

  • Mid Level
  • Senior Level

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