A Great Day for Golf

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Issue #12251 - June 2020 | Page #75
By Nancy Mansfield

It’s not every day that your delivery of wall panels takes you to the picturesque views of Pebble Beach in sunny California!

In May, Pacific Wall Systems, Inc. in Central Point, Oregon was very pleased to be the supplier for Castro Construction and Phase 4 of the project, “Lodge at Pebble Beach.” When completed, the $1000+ per night rooms will overlook the 18th hole. Though we have no plans (yet) to play there ourselves, we’ll be helping guests enjoy this legendary golf course.

So, the next time that people tell you our industry is all about gray manufacturing in artificial light, remind them that we are behind many fabulous places and vistas. In fact, we literally support their ability to enjoy staying in a room with a view!

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