Joe Kannapell

The Last Word: Whole House Builders?

Joe Kannapell

Why aren’t your trussers designing walls and EWP too, as we said they would twenty-five years ago? To pave their way, we would deliver more intelligent (“IntelliBuilt”) and optimized (“OptiFramed”) software, and builders would provide flawless “BIM”...

#11242 Cover image
September 2019
Issue #11242
Page 125
Thom McAnally

The Hiring Zone: Opportunity Knocks

Just a couple of years ago, I went back to the commercial modular/classroom/mobile office plant where I had my first GM job in the ’80s. I was 27 then, am much older now, but one thing hasn’t changed much, technology. The stations had the same kind of equipment, home build when...

#11240 Cover image
July 2019
Issue #11240
Page 80
Joe Kannapell

Celebrating 50 Years of Truss Design Innovation, Part XI

Joe Kannapell

Part XI: A Whole House in the New Millennium We truss designers were outfoxed by an unlikely pair of moguls who knew nothing about truss design. Gene Toombs and Tom Denig, CEOs of MiTek and TrusJoist, without our prompting, announced in 2001 that their companies would join forces to design...

#11239 Cover image
June 2019
Issue #11239
Page 8
Joseph Sirilla

Better Building BIM

Joseph Sirilla

Eliminating downtime associated with Requests for Information (RFIs) when clashes or questions come to light during the building phase saves significant time, money, and – of particular interest in our current supply-constrained labor market – construction labor. Many in the...

#10231 Cover image
October 2018
Issue #10231
Page 38
Steve Mickley

Remembering the ā€œIā€ in BIM

Steve Mickley

Building Information Modeling (BIM) has started to become a common practice in the architectural, engineering, construction, and facilities management industries. The benefits of BIM have been recognized in commercial and industrial development, but the potential of BIM technology to facilitate...

#10226 Cover image
May 2018
Issue #10226
Page 46

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