Rob Bellian

Supply Chain Optimization

Rob Bellian

With the COVID-19 virus still a live threat, the state of the disruption to supply chains continues to be severe as a number of regions and economies emerge into a very different world. As everyone in business knows, supply chains are critical to supplying goods and services quickly, safely,...

#14281 Cover image
December 2022
Issue #14281
Page 64
Anna Stamm

Advertiser Forum: Hello, Goodbye

Anna Stamm

Can you feel it? The end of the year is approaching fast. It’s funny how time doesn’t fly at a constant speed, but rather it seems to quicken or slow depending on how much is happening. Now that it’s November, it will keep moving fast until New Years. Time to Say...

#10220 Cover image
November 2017
Issue #10220
Page 4
A. Holt Gwyn

The Dirty Dozen Subcontract Clauses

A. Holt Gwyn

Introduction The following subcontract clauses are taken from actual general contractor subcontract forms in use in the Southeast.  Most of these provisions are buried within the “General Conditions” of the subcontract form, often in tiny print.  While the precise...

#10210 Cover image
January 2017
Issue #10210
Page 77
Stan Sias

Question of the Day: Scope of Work and Responsibility

Stan Sias

“As a CM, how do I best convey my intended and assumed scope of work and overall responsibility to all parties involved in the construction of a project I am bidding? I don’t want to be held responsible for something I haven’t bid.” This is a terrific question and...

#09208 Cover image
November 2016
Issue #09208
Page 4
Matt Layman

Lumber Contracts...Should You Ditch 'Em?

Matt Layman

A contract, for the purposes of this discussion is an agreement to sell or buy a predetermined quantity,size and grade of lumber or panels, typically between a consumer and a producer...priced at current market value, "Friday Prior to Shipment." The buyer is assured of receiving...

#09204 Cover image
July 2016
Issue #09204
Page 46

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