Stan Sias

Question of the Day: Gable End Frame Connections and Bracing

Stan Sias

I was asked recently why Component Manufacturers (CMs) do not provide the bracing details and holdowns for gable end frames like they do for the common trusses. The question got me thinking because the details are readily available, as are any mechanical connectors that might be needed to...

#11236 Cover image
March 2019
Issue #11236
Page 60
J.D. Vacey

The Missing Link – Addressing Roof Ponding by Designing with an HVAC Perspective

J.D. Vacey

As discussed in last month’s article, “Addressing the Roof Truss Design Note: 'Provide adequate drainage to prevent water ponding.’,” by Frank Woeste and Scott Coffman, ponding is an issue not always addressed adequately. Ponding is a design issue, a mishap, or an...

#11235 Cover image
February 2019
Issue #11235
Page 44
Frank Woeste. P.E.

All Things Wood: Addressing the Roof Truss Design Note: “Provide adequate drainage to prevent water ponding.”

Frank Woeste

The purpose of this article to examine the significance and implementation of a typical note that appears on metal plate connected roof-truss drawings when a top-chord-pitch of ¼:12 or less is specified by the Construction Documents. Three questions will be addressed: What is the...

#11234 Cover image
January 2019
Issue #11234
Page 46
Robert Glowinski

Updated Report Helps Engineers, Designers Calculate Fire Resistance of Wood Members and Assemblies

Robert Glowinski

Increasing use of mass timber as a competitive building product in the construction marketplace requires sound design guidelines to ensure safe, efficient, and economic use of wood products. AWC fire research on mass timber conducted over the last year, with support from the Softwood Lumber...

#10230 Cover image
September 2018
Issue #10230
Page 89
Frank Woeste. P.E.

All Things Wood: Safety Information for Post-Frame Truss Installation

Frank Woeste

The recent jobsite installation accident involving truss construction, “Three injured in north Washington County barn collapse,” is a reminder of the incredible value of BCSI-B10 for truss installation contractors who install trusses spanning up to 81-ft. and spaced up to 12-ft....

#10223 Cover image
February 2018
Issue #10223
Page 75
Joe Kannapell

Wall Panel Designer Primer

Joe Kannapell

In the 1960s, Ed Ryan set basic standards for panelizing walls, and for decades his homebuilding company (now NVR Inc.) followed his lead. His standards also made it easy for us to provide his wall panel equipment. The name we gave it, “Panel-Rite,” would have pleased Ed, since he...

#10218 Cover image
September 2017
Issue #10218
Page 6
Frank Woeste. P.E.

All Things Wood: How to Predict a Bouncy Floor

Frank Woeste

Background The model International Residential Code (IRC) permits a design live load of 30 psf for “sleeping rooms.” The model codes specify 40 psf for all other rooms. Of the annoying floor vibration complaints we have received, the most common scenario stems from the use...

#10215 Cover image
June 2017
Issue #10215
Page 68
Joe Kannapell

High Density Housing’s Design Challenges

Joe Kannapell

The sweet spot of wood component supply is high dollar, high density housing. Beneath expensive finishes are complex structures, and the opportunity to gain significant value. With advanced whole house software, CM’s are able to model the mechanical systems as an integral part of the...

#09203 Cover image
June 2016
Issue #09203
Page 22

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