Joe Kannapell

The Last Word: Whole House Builders?

Joe Kannapell

Why aren’t your trussers designing walls and EWP too, as we said they would twenty-five years ago? To pave their way, we would deliver more intelligent (“IntelliBuilt”) and optimized (“OptiFramed”) software, and builders would provide flawless “BIM”...

#11242 Cover image
September 2019
Issue #11242
Page 125

Questions Answered: Strong-Wall® Site-Built Portal Frame System

Simpson Strong-Tie Staff

In this article, we follow up on our April 17 webinar, Meeting Braced-Wall Requirements: A New Portal Frame Solution, by answering some of the interesting questions raised by attendees. During the webinar, we discussed how the Strong-Wall site-built portal frame system (PFS) provides...

#11239 Cover image
June 2019
Issue #11239
Page 98
Joe Kannapell

The Last Word: I-Joists vs. Floor Trusses

Joe Kannapell

The advantages of open-web floor trusses are beginning to decelerate the growth of EWP. Though I-Joist sales per housing start have increased about 6% over the last two years, the trend has slowed considerably. Some of the small gain is due to the continuation of the replacement of solid-sawn...

#11239 Cover image
June 2019
Issue #11239
Page 113
Robert Glowinski

Education on Wood Use Important to Marketplace

Robert Glowinski

Every day, component manufacturers are dealing with the entire spectrum of traditional and engineered wood products. In fact, educating your customers may be a key factor in your sales and services. Like you, the American Wood Council (AWC) sees how important education on wood can be to...

#11236 Cover image
March 2019
Issue #11236
Page 76
Paul McEntee, S.E.

Multi-Ply Beam Load Transfer

Paul McEntee

Larger beams are often built up out of smaller 2x or 1¾” members. This can be done for several different reasons: for the convenience of handling smaller members on the jobsite, or because solid 4x, 6x or glulam material is not readily available, or for reasons of cost. Engineered...

#10225 Cover image
April 2018
Issue #10225
Page 98
Frank Woeste. P.E.

All Things Wood: Wood Frame Construction Manual—a Valuable Structural Design Guide

Frank Woeste

While the International Residential Code (IRC) gives the structural requirements and prescriptive design data for residential framing, additional help for the non-engineer is available through the Wood Frame Construction Manual for One- and Two-Family Dwellings (WFCM) published by the American...

#10222 Cover image
January 2018
Issue #10222
Page 73
Robert Glowinski

How the Green Building Revolution is Encouraging the Wood Products Market

Robert Glowinski

While it’s well known that wood products offer a wide variety of environmental benefits – typically less embodied energy, lower air and water pollution, and a lighter carbon footprint than other commonly used building materials – it can often be a challenge to translate this...

#10213 Cover image
April 2017
Issue #10213
Page 63

How to Pick a Connector Series: Selecting a Joist Hanger

Randy Shackelford

A quick glance through the Simpson Strong-Tie® Wood Construction Connectors catalog shows that we manufacture at least 29 different models of face-mount wood-to-wood joist hangers, three separate models of face-mount wood-to-masonry hangers, 42 different models of top-flange wood-to-wood...

#10212 Cover image
March 2017
Issue #10212
Page 76

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