Get Plugged Into Your Structural Steel Designs with the Yield-Link® Plugin Tools

Brandon Chi

With the introduction of the Simpson Strong-Tie Yield-Link® moment connection for steel construction, the engineering and software development teams at Simpson Strong-Tie created multiple design tools to support users in their specification of the Yield-Link technology. These tools range...

#12248 Cover image
March 2020
Issue #12248
Page 126
Rachel Holland, P.E.

Upgrade Your Coiled Strap: How an Innovative Embossment Takes Utility Straps to the Next Level

Rachel Holland

CS16 coiled straps. I can’t tell you how many thousands (maybe more) I specified during my time as a consulting engineer. Straps are used everywhere. They were then, and are now, a go-to solution for drag and uplift loads. I didn’t have to look them up in the catalog — I knew...

#12247 Cover image
February 2020
Issue #12247
Page 118

Setting Our Course at BCMC 2019

April Burt

The 38th annual Building Component Manufacturers Conference (BCMC) took place in late October at the Greater Columbus Convention Center in downtown Columbus, Ohio. More than 1,700 people attended this year’s convention, which showcased 124 exhibitors with the theme of “Set Your...

#11245 Cover image
December 2019
Issue #11245
Page 16

Adjustable Hanger or Custom Hanger — You Make the Call

Randy Shackelford

It would be a lot simpler for designing engineers if structural connections were always for members at right angles to one another. Often, connections have to be designed for supported members that are at a skewed or sloped angle rather than perpendicular to the header. In these cases, the...

#11245 Cover image
December 2019
Issue #11245
Page 104
Paul McEntee, S.E.

Why a Structural Boundary Member Between a Truss/Rafter is Not Optional

Paul McEntee

Blocking or boundary member? In my experience traveling across the country observing wood-framed construction, it was apparent that east of the Rocky Mountains, structural wood members in-line with supporting walls between roof framing cease to be installed. Some may call these wood members...

#11243 Cover image
October 2019
Issue #11243
Page 106
Frank Woeste. P.E.

All Things Wood: IBC Balcony Changes Spur “Best Practice” Design Recommendations

Frank Woeste

Because of their limited structural redundancy and exposure to weather, cantilevered balconies require special attention by design professionals, contractors, permitting and inspection departments, and owners in-service. As shown in the photos, modern wood-framed, multi-family projects often...

#11237 Cover image
April 2019
Issue #11237
Page 60

Choosing Resiliency: Lessons from Hurricane Michael

Doug Allen

Doug Allen, P.E., a structural engineer with Simpson Strong-Tie, looks at the choice homeowners in disaster-prone areas face between simply building to code and building to standards of resilience or IBHS FORTIFIED Home™ standards instead. Resilience, or resiliency: The capacity to...

#11237 Cover image
April 2019
Issue #11237
Page 90
Paul McEntee, S.E.

Code Report: Understanding Allowable Load Changes

Paul McEntee

The Simpson Strong-Tie® 2019–2020 Wood Construction Connectors catalog is the first in the industry with updated connector allowable load tables to meet the new ASTM test standards required by the 2015 and 2018 International Building Code® (IBC®). It is designed to...

#11236 Cover image
March 2019
Issue #11236
Page 90
Glenn Traylor

Are Roof and Floor Trusses the Only Components that Need a Quality Assurance Program?

Glenn Traylor

Roof and floor trusses are important components that need special consideration to insure their correct manufacture. Components built to the IRC and IBC require the manufacturer to adhere to specific requirements. These requirements provide a blueprint to facilitate the manufacturing of a...

#10232 Cover image
November 2018
Issue #10232
Page 31

Questions Answered: Resisting Uplift with Structural Fasteners

Brian Wert

Of course you know about creating a continuous load path with either connectors or rod tiedown systems, but have you considered using fasteners instead? In this article, Bryan Wert follows up on our May 2 webinar, Drive a New Path: Resisting Uplift with Structural Fasteners, by answering some of...

#10228 Cover image
July 2018
Issue #10228
Page 96

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