Todd Drummond

Beware of One Size Fits All Solutions

Todd Drummond

I am often asked about what is the best one-size-size-fits-all equipment solution to fit all the component manufacturing needs. Of course, too many equipment vendors are more than willing to offer their version of a one-size-fits-all solution. Below are three examples of when one size does not...

#10231 Cover image
October 2018
Issue #10231
Page 33
Sean Hubbard

Roof Truss Gantry Systems

Sean Hubbard

Spring is here and that means we’re nearly half-way through this year’s project to compare available manufacturing equipment for our industry. Each month as I visit manufacturers’ websites, I learn something. Then, we also send a draft copy of the chart I’ve compiled...

#10226 Cover image
May 2018
Issue #10226
Page 12
Dean Rana

Gantry Production for Wood Trusses: What are Good Production Numbers?

Dean Rana

Automated jig setups for gantry tables and linear saws are a couple of the best things to come along in our truss facilities in a long time. Obviously, we know the most time spent to build a truss is setting it up. Now we are setting up difficult trusses in seconds. Across the country, most...

#10225 Cover image
April 2018
Issue #10225
Page 44
Glenn Traylor

Is There Such Thing as Too Much Pressure?

Glenn Traylor

Too much pressure is not only a problem in our lives, it can also be a problem in our plants. One of the most important issues when manufacturing quality trusses is plate embedment. Without proper embedment, the connector plate cannot adequately transfer load forces through the members down to...

#10223 Cover image
February 2018
Issue #10223
Page 36
Joe Kannapell

BCMC Innovations

Joe Kannapell

The quickening of innovation will be on display at BCMC this month, and, undoubtedly, so will be the uptake. Suppliers use this platform to launch new products, sometimes rather humbly. Art DePauw sold his prototype “automated” saw to two industry giants, Charlie Barnes and Dave...

#10219 Cover image
October 2017
Issue #10219
Page 6
Joe Kannapell

The Last Word: Straightening Crooked Southern Pine

Joe Kannapell

Finally we are learning what the Canadians figured out: how to maximize the use of Southern Pine (SP) lumber. We are advancing truss equipment while they are transforming sawmills to enhance the quality of this once too-crooked product. The Canadians are replaying the strategy that enabled...

#10218 Cover image
September 2017
Issue #10218
Page 90

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