Keith Parker

The Power of SMED and 5S

Keith Parker

As a follow up to our 9-part “Ready for Change” article series, our next step down the “Lean” path is to introduce other tools and methods to reduce waste and time. The first in this new bi-monthly series focuses on SMED, Single Minute Exchange of Die, and how this...

#10229 Cover image
August 2018
Issue #10229
Page 40
Sean Hubbard

Roof Truss Automated Jigging

Sean Hubbard

This month, I was able to view some of the systems recently installed at customer locations. All of the systems seem to be engineered well and mechanically sound. I would like to offer this bit of information: Alpine’s SmartView offers an operator’s advantage, with dimensioning...

#10228 Cover image
July 2018
Issue #10228
Page 16
Joe Kannapell

Wood Components in Multi-Family Housing, Part One

Joe Kannapell

Part One: 1960 to 1979   Garden style apartments have been good for the truss business, but have morphed into an almost unrecognizable beast. In making this transition, component manufacturers have built on 40+ years of experience, and have conquered this beast, but not without...

#10224 Cover image
March 2018
Issue #10224
Page 6
Joe Kannapell

Truss Robotics

Joe Kannapell

The path of factory innovation is leading us to automated systems rather than true robotics. Though industrial robotics has been used for 30 years in our industry, it has served mainly as a forerunner to later systems. Its earliest commercialization, the robotic arms of the Koskovich component...

#10213 Cover image
April 2017
Issue #10213
Page 6
Joe Kannapell

Building Roof Trusses for High Density Housing

Joe Kannapell

The differences between high density attached and tract style detached housing extend to the shop floor. Though truss designs may be similar, the project size, location and degree of repetition differs, influencing unit labor costs and material requirements. High density means “maximum...

#09204 Cover image
July 2016
Issue #09204
Page 24
Keith Dietzen

The Evolution of Steel Truss Technology

Keith Dietzen

Light gauge steel trusses have been around a long, long time. Steel trusses offer the same advantages that make light gauge steel framing generally appealing for a significant segment of the light frame construction industry. Light gauge steel does not burn. It does not serve as a food source...

#09199 Cover image
February 2016
Issue #09199
Page 38

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