Craig Webb

Paddling Hard But Moving Slow: Increasingly, That’s LBM’s Outlook for the Rest of 2024

Craig Webb

After years in which dealers struggled from crisis to crisis, a slew of public reports and economic indicators suggest we can expect many more months of muddling along. Our surfing metaphor of two years ago has given way to the paddleboard, where the only way to speed up is to paddle...

#16300 Cover image
July 2024
Issue #16300
Page 98
Craig Webb

CS150 Reveals Biggest Revenue Drops at Dealers Since the Great Recession

Craig Webb

You have to go back to the Great Recession 15 years ago to find as many LBM dealers reporting sales declines as we had in 2023. But the reasons are far different, and so are the consequences. Three-quarters of the companies constituting the 2024 Construction Supply 150 reported revenue drops...

#16299 Cover image
June 2024
Issue #16299
Page 72
Craig Webb

Deals Report 2023: Tracking the Openings, Closings, and Acquisitions

Craig Webb

The construction supply industry saw high lending rates and a relative lack of big transactions result in 22% fewer deals involving 2.6% fewer locations in 2023 vs. 2022. There also were 10% fewer buyers, with several big players barely present. But greenfield openings, while down 5% from 2022,...

#16296 Cover image
March 2024
Issue #16296
Page 98
Valerie Hansen

Creating Your Own Commodity Market Performance Measures

Valerie Hansen

If you haven’t considered BuyMetrics yet, I have one more reason for you to check it out in 2024 – our new Commodity Analysis and Visualization Module. This new module will give BuyMetrics’ clients the power to control their own market analysis and measure their own...

#16294 Cover image
January 2024
Issue #16294
Page 64
Valerie Hansen

ROI: Turn Your Largest COST (Lumber) into a Profit Driver

Valerie Hansen

Lumber is mission-critical to every component manufacturer (CM). On average, it represents two-thirds of your cost-of-goods (CoG), roughly half of the value of your product (Revenue – Pretax Profit). So, what are the market dynamics that surround the purchase of lumber? And how/why can CMs...

#15292 Cover image
November 2023
Issue #15292
Page 72
Craig Webb

CS150 Shows Revenue Gains Dropped, Big Differences Persisted Between Lumberyards, Home Centers, Specialty Dealers

Craig Webb

Dramatic falls in lumber prices caused America’s biggest sellers of building materials to record in 2022 less than half the revenue gain they achieved the year before, Webb Analytics’ latest Construction Supply 150 (CS150) reveals. The group, which arguably accounts for two-thirds...

#15287 Cover image
June 2023
Issue #15287
Page 86
Craig Webb

Deals Report 2022: Tracking the Openings, Closings, and Acquisitions

Craig Webb

Where you wanted to be and what you wanted to sell both figured mightily as factors in construction supply’s acquisition, openings, and closures activity in 2022. Deals were almost as numerous as in 2021, but big deals were rarer. Meanwhile, greenfield openings were far more...

#15284 Cover image
March 2023
Issue #15284
Page 90
Craig Webb

5 Tips for Surviving Stagflation

Craig Webb

When one of housing’s biggest optimists changes his outlook, attention must be paid. Stephen Kim, senior managing director and head of Evercore ISI’s Housing Research Team, had declared in September 2020 that housing had entered a Golden Age. But that changed on June...

#14276 Cover image
July 2022
Issue #14276
Page 96
Craig Webb

A Closer Look at Webb Analytics’ 2022 Construction Supply 150: Lumberyards, Dealers, and Component Manufacturing

Craig Webb

When the 52-page Webb Analytics’ 2022 Construction Supply 150 Report was released on May 3, the top headline was: Report Shows Lumberyards’ Revenues Soared Far Above Gains for Specialty Dealers, Big-Box Stores. Indeed, high-flying lumber prices helped drive a 19.2% revenue increase...

#14275 Cover image
June 2022
Issue #14275
Page 92
Todd Drummond

Record-Breaking EBITA Exceeded Mid-Twenties for Many CMs for 2021

Todd Drummond

Last year should have been a record profit year for wood truss and wall panel component manufacturers (CM). Many of my clients have mid to upper-twenties EBITA. A few made it to the mid-thirties of their total sales. Yet, so many find this hard to believe. Too many believe mid to high teens for...

#14270 Cover image
January 2022
Issue #14270
Page 35

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