Todd Drummond

Increase Profits and Lower Labor Costs with an Effective Incentive Program for Every Group

Todd Drummond

Too many get caught up in believing that any additional pay to employees is inherently costing the company more and should be avoided at every turn. If you believe this is the case, there is something you are overlooking. What may be lost is that when the total volume (productivity and sales) is...

#16298 Cover image
May 2024
Issue #16298
Page 24
Todd Drummond

Will ‘Too Little, Too Late’ Define Your Company?

Todd Drummond

Building history facts: Before the 2008 financial crash, there were about 2,100 wood truss and wall panel component manufacturing (CM) companies across North America. The vast majority of the locations were independently owned and operated. When the worst of the effects of the recession finally...

#15286 Cover image
May 2023
Issue #15286
Page 27
Todd Drummond

A Message of Caution to New Component Manufacturers

Todd Drummond

This message is for the new component manufacturers (CM) who have recently and will shortly be entering the component manufacturing industry for wood trusses or wall panels. First, welcome to the industry – it is very rewarding, but I must caution you about this new endeavor. It is not for...

#15285 Cover image
April 2023
Issue #15285
Page 25
Todd Drummond

How One Wood Truss Industry Leader Uses Industrial Engineering Practices of Work Minutes to Excel

Todd Drummond

We can always learn things from industry leaders, whether we work with them directly or simply appreciate what they have accomplished. A perfect example comes from A-1 Industries and their commitment to using industrial engineering practices and work minutes. Although TDC has not performed...

#15284 Cover image
March 2023
Issue #15284
Page 25
Todd Drummond

Detailed Process for Implementing an Effective Labor Incentive Program

Todd Drummond

One of my clients’ most often asked questions is, “How exactly do we track and implement an incentive program?” Most companies are willing to pay their manufacturing employees more wages (incentives) based on greater output. Yet, the vast majority of wood truss component...

#14274 Cover image
May 2022
Issue #14274
Page 35
Todd Drummond

Reliable and Profitable Incentive Programs, Scheduling, and Pricing

Todd Drummond

Suppose you want an effective incentive program that improves productivity, saves your company labor cost, and rewards your most valued production crews with additional wages. Perhaps you also want to improve the accuracy of your production scheduling that allows for a proper understanding of...

#13265 Cover image
August 2021
Issue #13265
Page 32
Todd Drummond

CM Equipment Purchasing Do’s and Don’ts

Todd Drummond

Understanding the do’s and don’ts for component manufacturing (CM) equipment purchasing (wood trusses and wall panels) can save or waste your company 100’s of thousands of dollars at the time of purchase and long after. Everyone knows the building economy is on fire, so it...

#13264 Cover image
July 2021
Issue #13264
Page 33
Joe Kannapell

The Last Word: The Last Word on Great Plant Engineers

Joe Kannapell

Who will step forward to direct the increasing automation of our truss plants? Only the best qualified need apply. For example, people with the discipline of Dick Rotto, the in-plant experience of John Houlihan, and the analytical skills of Keith Fell. Each of whom possessed unique abilities...

#13263 Cover image
June 2021
Issue #13263
Page 142
Todd Drummond

Costly Errors from Lumber, Leadership, HR, and BF/Man-Hour

Todd Drummond

The new 2021 build season is upon us, and everyone seems to be excited about the 2021 opportunities that seem apparent with the robust build economy. Many companies had their most profitable year in 2020, yet others struggled, stating that commodity pricing and covid were their major negative...

#13261 Cover image
April 2021
Issue #13261
Page 29
Todd Drummond

Basic Principles for Effective Employee Attraction and Retention

Todd Drummond

Last month’s article, “Better Profits with Effective Employee Retention and Growth,” got a lot of attention. The labor shortage issues that companies are experiencing, despite the high unemployment numbers, are having a negative impact on many companies’ manufacturing...

#12255 Cover image
October 2020
Issue #12255
Page 27

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