Todd Drummond

Three Conditions for Smarter Margin Application to Make Healthier Profits

Todd Drummond

Establishing a proper margin to maximize profits for your roof truss component sales is not as easy as most people think. Most do not have a clear understanding of how small changes make a significant impact on the company’s profitability. Making the most profits possible, no matter what...

#12251 Cover image
June 2020
Issue #12251
Page 24
Todd Drummond

Rethinking a Linear Saw Linked to Two Workstations

Todd Drummond

It seems some people are upset that I made such a public statement with my latest advertisement – “Pairing a Linear Saw with Two Workstations with Each Having Two Assemblers will Cost Your Company Millions in Lost Net Profits.” Specifically, I’m talking about linking...

#12250 Cover image
May 2020
Issue #12250
Page 48
Ben Hershey

Knowing the Ideal Manufacturing Cycle Time

Ben Hershey

Building components is really great! It was a lot of fun in the 1970s when several plants had competitions on who could build the fastest run of trusses (for example, see Joe Kannapell’s article, Vertical Presses—The World Record). Back then, it was really easy to calculate cycle...

#12248 Cover image
March 2020
Issue #12248
Page 28
Ben Hershey

Are You Communicating the Same Old Message?

Ben Hershey

Here we are at the start of 2020 — Happy New Year! As we begin the year, we’ll likely have times when we look at the past and then look forward, as we plan our strategy and set the tone for our teams and work with our colleagues. But… there are others who will trod out the...

#12246 Cover image
January 2020
Issue #12246
Page 28
Sean Hubbard

Spida Acquires Square 1 Design

Sean Hubbard

The acquisition of Square 1 Design solidifies Spida Machinery’s position at the apex of machinery suppliers for the Building Components industry. Globally positioned to supply machinery around the world, our equipment profile includes options for all component manufacturers—from...

#11241 Cover image
August 2019
Issue #11241
Page 60
Todd Drummond

An Effective Productivity Incentive Program for Truss Manufacturing

Todd Drummond

It is possible to give your shop employees a raise and actually achieve more capacity through greater productivity and make more net profit for your company by implementing an effective productivity incentive program. However, most of the incentive programs (IP) that are touted in the component...

#11238 Cover image
May 2019
Issue #11238
Page 41
Todd Drummond

The Drummond Short Schedule Time-Standard System

Todd Drummond

Using Man-Minutes to Manage Your Labor Industrial engineering – “The branch of engineering that is concerned with the production of industrial goods, especially by the design of efficient plants and procedures and the management of materials, energy, and labor.” (Source:...

#11236 Cover image
March 2019
Issue #11236
Page 39
Ben Hershey

Taking Steps Toward Manufacturing & Distribution Efficiency

Ben Hershey

As we start the New Year, a focus of many operations will be setting goals to remain competitive. Today’s companies in the LBM/Component/Modular market are looking for ways to drive efficiencies throughout their manufacturing processes. Extending Lean Manufacturing principles and practices...

#11234 Cover image
January 2019
Issue #11234
Page 17
Ben Hershey

It’s Time to Huddle Up!

Ben Hershey

Setting the tone for higher expectations and productivity I am often asked by lumber dealers, component manufacturers, and others for that “one thing” that will improve results, drive cultural change, hardwire behavior, or create lasting quality. I’ve come to realize there...

#10233 Cover image
December 2018
Issue #10233
Page 25
Ben Hershey

Constructing a Roadmap to Operational Excellence, Part 2

Ben Hershey

Part 2: Continuing the Journey of 7 Steps As discused in "Part 1: Beginning a Journey of 7 Steps," we all aspire to have a state of operational excellence in our organizations, which is easier said than done. Operational excellence is about more than simply adjusting the...

#10231 Cover image
October 2018
Issue #10231
Page 20

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