Todd Drummond

The Drummond Short Schedule Time-Standard System

Todd Drummond

Using Man-Minutes to Manage Your Labor Industrial engineering – “The branch of engineering that is concerned with the production of industrial goods, especially by the design of efficient plants and procedures and the management of materials, energy, and labor.” (Source:...

#11236 Cover image
March 2019
Issue #11236
Page 39
Ben Hershey

Taking Steps Toward Manufacturing & Distribution Efficiency

Ben Hershey

As we start the New Year, a focus of many operations will be setting goals to remain competitive. Today’s companies in the LBM/Component/Modular market are looking for ways to drive efficiencies throughout their manufacturing processes. Extending Lean Manufacturing principles and practices...

#11234 Cover image
January 2019
Issue #11234
Page 17
Ben Hershey

It’s Time to Huddle Up!

Ben Hershey

Setting the tone for higher expectations and productivity I am often asked by lumber dealers, component manufacturers, and others for that “one thing” that will improve results, drive cultural change, hardwire behavior, or create lasting quality. I’ve come to realize there...

#10233 Cover image
December 2018
Issue #10233
Page 25
Ben Hershey

Constructing a Roadmap to Operational Excellence, Part 2

Ben Hershey

Part 2: Continuing the Journey of 7 Steps As discused in "Part 1: Beginning a Journey of 7 Steps," we all aspire to have a state of operational excellence in our organizations, which is easier said than done. Operational excellence is about more than simply adjusting the...

#10231 Cover image
October 2018
Issue #10231
Page 20
Ben Hershey

Constructing a Roadmap to Operational Excellence

Ben Hershey

Part 1: Beginning a Journey of 7 Steps We all aspire to have a state of operational excellence in our organizations, but it is often much easier said than done. Although it’s often conceptualized as merely tweaking the current way of doing things, operational excel­lence is about...

#10230 Cover image
September 2018
Issue #10230
Page 36
Ben Hershey

How Does Your Company Performance Measure Up? The Importance of Benchmarking

Ben Hershey

I read a book recently that discussed the term “benchmark” and its origins as relates to business. Surprisingly, the term originates within the history of guns and ammunition. In fact, with the same aim we use it today—comparison and improved performance. The book talked...

#10228 Cover image
July 2018
Issue #10228
Page 34
Ben Hershey

Moving From Best to Next Practices

Ben Hershey

As an industry, there are many times I believe we have been behind the curve in adopting/taking on new technology or hardware in our operations. Over the past 15 years or so, we have seen incredible growth in the use of automation, software, etc., but other industries have far exceeded the...

#10227 Cover image
June 2018
Issue #10227
Page 18
Dean Rana

Gantry Production for Wood Trusses: What are Good Production Numbers?

Dean Rana

Automated jig setups for gantry tables and linear saws are a couple of the best things to come along in our truss facilities in a long time. Obviously, we know the most time spent to build a truss is setting it up. Now we are setting up difficult trusses in seconds. Across the country, most...

#10225 Cover image
April 2018
Issue #10225
Page 44
Ben Hershey

Smart Manufacturing and the LBM & Component Operation

Ben Hershey

Smart Manufacturing You have probably read articles, heard this term used by an equipment manufacturer, and even heard it at a Chamber of Commerce meeting or other local group. Smart Manufacturing covers a broad category of manufacturing with the goal of optimizing the process from concept,...

#09207 Cover image
October 2016
Issue #09207
Page 66
Ben Hershey

Metrics & Connected Technology in the Manufacturing Space

Ben Hershey

A lot of people have been talking about production tracking lately, so now is a good time to talk more in depth about some of the issues involved. With increased demand for the handling of metrics, levels of complexity and ever-changing conditions, manufacturers have been moving toward more...

#09206 Cover image
September 2016
Issue #09206
Page 62

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