Geordie Secord

Design Connections: Profitability Metrics and Margin Dollars

Geordie Secord

In the busy world of prefabricated components, there are three conflicting metrics that owners and managers look at to determine operational performance – board feet of lumber, sales dollars, and margin dollars. I’ll start with what I believe is likely the most common but also the...

#16299 Cover image
June 2024
Issue #16299
Page 92
Todd Drummond

TDC’s Educational Session on Component Manufacturing Operations

Todd Drummond

If you were unable to attend my educational session at BCMC, Component Manufacturing Should Not Be Operated as an LBM Supplier by TDC, or if you attended and still have questions, I invite you to download the presentation, now available as a PDF. During the presentation, we discussed what...

#15291 Cover image
October 2023
Issue #15291
Page 27
Todd Drummond

Component Manufacturing Should Not Be Operated as an LBM Supplier

Todd Drummond

As an industry veteran who has attended BCMC for many decades, I’m very pleased to be presenting an educational session on Tuesday, September 19th at 1:00 pm — Component Manufacturing Should Not Be Operated as an LBM Supplier. In this session, I will call upon my 20 years of...

#15290 Cover image
September 2023
Issue #15290
Page 26
Ben Hershey & Mike  Ruede, Jr.

Unleashing the Potential: Robotics in the Building Industry and Manufacturing

Ben Hershey & Mike Ruede, Jr.

This year, you can start your BCMC experience with an exciting panel discussion led by 4Ward Solutions Group that features four of today’s most significant robotics manufacturers: House of Design, Trussmatic, Brave Control Systems, and Randek. The panel discussion will take place Tuesday,...

#15290 Cover image
September 2023
Issue #15290
Page 40
Thomas Griffin

Unlock Your Factory’s Potential with Moducore’s Bill of Materials

Thomas Griffin

At Moducore, a Bill of Materials (BOM) is more than just a simple list of materials and parts. It is the backbone of your production process, and harnessing its true potential requires an advanced and interconnected system. Our BOM solution lies at the heart of our software, but its real...

#15289 Cover image
August 2023
Issue #15289
Page 60
Todd Drummond

How One Wood Truss Industry Leader Uses Industrial Engineering Practices of Work Minutes to Excel

Todd Drummond

We can always learn things from industry leaders, whether we work with them directly or simply appreciate what they have accomplished. A perfect example comes from A-1 Industries and their commitment to using industrial engineering practices and work minutes. Although TDC has not performed...

#15284 Cover image
March 2023
Issue #15284
Page 25
Tracy Roe

Creating Capacity Through Efficiency

Tracy Roe

With today’s high-demand market conditions, capacity is everything. Capacity constraints are widespread across our industry and have been for a while now. Many have added the capacity they can afford in the form of additional equipment. Some have been fortunate enough to add labor to...

#14281 Cover image
December 2022
Issue #14281
Page 46
Tracy Roe

Having a Plan for Tomorrow

Tracy Roe

The Greek philosopher Heraclitus is credited with the origin of the phrase, The only constant in life is change. This couldn’t be more true in the world we live and work in today. Whether we are enduring labor shortages, a global pandemic, material shortages, input cost increases, or an...

#14280 Cover image
November 2022
Issue #14280
Page 44
Tracy Roe

TrueBuild® Batch – Every Minute Counts

Tracy Roe

Our industry is experiencing unprecedented times. Never before has production capacity been at such a premium. We have seen different markets get active in the past but nothing like this. Right now in the United States, manufacturers can’t keep up with the demand for metal plate connected...

#14273 Cover image
April 2022
Issue #14273
Page 48
Todd Drummond

Millions of Dollars for New Equipment and Building Investments are Being Wasted

Todd Drummond

Expanding the manufacturing capacity within the component manufacturing (CM) industry for wood trusses and wall panels is at a fever pitch. The overwhelming majority of CMs have the same limited capacity issue trying to keep up with sales, which led to excellent record-breaking sales volumes and...

#14272 Cover image
March 2022
Issue #14272
Page 35

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