Glenn Traylor

Are You Receiving Your Building Materials Properly?

Glenn Traylor

The largest expense in a truss plant’s operation is the lumber cost. It often represents 50% to 60% of the selling cost of the truss. With such a high percentage, most managers are always focused on saving lumber, optimizing lumber, and searching for the best price. Those aspects are...

#12251 Cover image
June 2020
Issue #12251
Page 35
Paul McEntee, S.E.

Why a Structural Boundary Member Between a Truss/Rafter is Not Optional

Paul McEntee

Blocking or boundary member? In my experience traveling across the country observing wood-framed construction, it was apparent that east of the Rocky Mountains, structural wood members in-line with supporting walls between roof framing cease to be installed. Some may call these wood members...

#11243 Cover image
October 2019
Issue #11243
Page 106
Glenn Traylor

Does Your Lumber Have a Shelf Life?

Glenn Traylor

Just like some foods, lumber kept in the right environment will store for an indefinite length of time. But just like food, lumber kept in sub-par conditions will have a shortened storage period. If you’re not storing your lumber properly, you may have to question whether it can/should...

#10230 Cover image
September 2018
Issue #10230
Page 32

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