Alpine Team

Important Quality Checks During Each Stage of Truss Manufacturing

Alpine Team

Quality control starts before the first piece of lumber is set into motion. Every employee at each phase of component design and manufacturing plays a critical role to help avoid costly repairs, potential frustration, and additional workload. As an engineer that has seen many repairs, here are a...

#15293 Cover image
December 2023
Issue #15293
Page 92
Glenn Traylor

Should We Consider “Delivery” Load Cases?

Glenn Traylor

Years ago, truss design was focused on a simple calculation that determined the final forces that would be considered to be imparted on a truss component. These simple forces were used to determine the design. Things like snow, wind, and building materials weights were generally the only...

#15285 Cover image
April 2023
Issue #15285
Page 35
Rob Bellian

Supply Chain Optimization

Rob Bellian

With the COVID-19 virus still a live threat, the state of the disruption to supply chains continues to be severe as a number of regions and economies emerge into a very different world. As everyone in business knows, supply chains are critical to supplying goods and services quickly, safely,...

#14281 Cover image
December 2022
Issue #14281
Page 64
Nancy Mansfield

Building in the Boondocks with Wall Panels

Nancy Mansfield

As shown on this month’s cover, building with wall panels makes any location possible, including out in the boondocks. We may have to get creative, but we can get there! [For photos, See PDF or View in Full Issue.] These wall panels have been delivered to Kresge College at the...

#14274 Cover image
May 2022
Issue #14274
Page 77
Simpson Strong-Tie Staff

A Standing Innovation: Fastening Wood to Steel Just Got Easier

Simpson Strong-Tie Staff

If you’ve ever spent a few hours working on your hands and knees to drill holes and drive screws, you know how time consuming and tedious it can be. Now, imagine spending consecutive weeks, months or even years fastening wood planks to steel on a manufacturing production line. For...

#14274 Cover image
May 2022
Issue #14274
Page 110
Glenn Traylor

Who is the Most Important Person in Your Truss Operation?

Glenn Traylor

Who is the most important person in your truss operation? The designer who creates the projects? The guy who signs the check? Without sales there is no business, so is it sales? Let’s make an argument for someone you might take for granted. There is a person who looks at every job –...

#14273 Cover image
April 2022
Issue #14273
Page 43
Matt Layman

Lumber Briefs: February Rally 91% Probability

Matt Layman

“Chaotic”...the Perfect January Tag If there was ever any doubt as to what we should expect from January Chaos, 2022 is a textbook example. Traders (buyers and sellers) enter the month with new year expectations that either repeat or improve upon the previous year. These...

#14271 Cover image
February 2022
Issue #14271
Page 94
Tracy Roe

Providing Job Management Solutions with TrueBuild

Tracy Roe

Software flexibility in managing your plant isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity that every truss operation should expect for their business. You need to manage everything from customers to invoices, and you need to do it efficiently. And, you should be able to determine exactly how you...

#14270 Cover image
January 2022
Issue #14270
Page 48
Thom McAnally

The Impact of Interstate Infrastructure

Infrastructure: the basic systems and services, such as transportation and power supplies, that a country or organization uses in order to work effectively – Cambridge Dictionary Lovely weather for a road trip! “OMG,” as my kids would say, or “Oh My God,” as...

#13263 Cover image
June 2021
Issue #13263
Page 76
Sean Hubbard

Supply Chain Disruptions

Sean Hubbard

Today’s environment has created supply chain disruptions throughout the world. Nearly every customer and supplier I have spoken with over the last few months has indicated production delays are prevalent or imminent. Of course, the pandemic has caused much of the recent impact, while the...

#13260 Cover image
March 2021
Issue #13260
Page 17

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