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Issue #12251 - June 2020 | Page #6
By Anna L. Stamm

A few times in May, I have been asked if I would write my June column on the COVID-19 crisis. My answer has been, “I’m not sure.” Obviously, we all have many thoughts and feelings on the topic. We all are confronting the challenges in our lives each day. We all have strong opinions.

Honestly, my biggest hesitation stems from the fact that I don’t want to offend anyone with this column. I don’t want anyone to read this as patronizing rather than passionate, or arrogant rather than sad.

That being said, I am haunted by one woman I saw on the evening news a few days ago, so I have decided to comment on that. In a montage of revelers partying over Memorial Day weekend, she was asked about not social distancing and not wearing a mask. Her answer: “I’m not afraid.”

Well, therein lies the problem. Each of our actions has the potential to affect someone else. We are in this together.

If my parents were alive, I would be terrified for them.

If my grandparents were alive, I would be terrified for them.

For my friend battling lung cancer, I have been scared every time she has gone for chemo.

For the people I do not know and have not met, but who are facing this challenge at this very second, I am sad and scared for them.

I work from home and I do not live my life afraid. But, when I leave the house, I wear a mask. It really is the least someone can do to show they respect the lives of their friends and family, as well as the strangers they may never meet.

Anna Stamm

Author: Anna Stamm

Director of Communications and Marketing

Component Manufacturing Advertiser

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