New Materials Require New Hardware — Three Fasteners Engineered Specifically for Mass Timber Construction

Neelima Tapata

Simpson Strong-Tie has always been a leader in designing innovative products for various construction markets. As an R&D engineer, I enjoy the opportunities for continuous exploring, experimenting and learning that come with my role. There’s never a dull moment working in research and...

#12251 Cover image
June 2020
Issue #12251
Page 114

Build Change: Seismic Safety in the Age of COVID-19

Tim Hart, S.E.

With the growing danger of natural disasters, the race is on to expand access to programs that safeguard lives from the human-made danger of poorly built housing. With the common mission of building safer, stronger structures, Build Change and Simpson Strong-Tie have partnered for the Simpson...

#12250 Cover image
May 2020
Issue #12250
Page 114
Rachel Holland, P.E.

Attaching a Deck Ledger to a Home Through Brick or Masonry Veneer — the BVLZ Solution

Rachel Holland

Brick or masonry veneer has traditionally posed a problem to homeowners and contractors seeking to attach a deck to a home without removing large portions of the veneer or siding. No longer is that the case, thanks to the innovative BVLZ brick veneer ledger connector from Simpson Strong-Tie. In...

#12249 Cover image
April 2020
Issue #12249
Page 124

Get Plugged Into Your Structural Steel Designs with the Yield-Link® Plugin Tools

Brandon Chi

With the introduction of the Simpson Strong-Tie Yield-Link® moment connection for steel construction, the engineering and software development teams at Simpson Strong-Tie created multiple design tools to support users in their specification of the Yield-Link technology. These tools range...

#12248 Cover image
March 2020
Issue #12248
Page 126
Rachel Holland, P.E.

Upgrade Your Coiled Strap: How an Innovative Embossment Takes Utility Straps to the Next Level

Rachel Holland

CS16 coiled straps. I can’t tell you how many thousands (maybe more) I specified during my time as a consulting engineer. Straps are used everywhere. They were then, and are now, a go-to solution for drag and uplift loads. I didn’t have to look them up in the catalog — I knew...

#12247 Cover image
February 2020
Issue #12247
Page 118

Trainer to the Pros — How Simpson Strong-Tie Educates the Industry

Michael Weber

Did you know that Simpson Strong-Tie offers free education and training to the construction industry? Indeed, we do. For several decades, Simpson Strong-Tie has made a commitment to supporting the development of our industry, and each year we educate tens of thousands of industry pros —...

#12246 Cover image
January 2020
Issue #12246
Page 114

Adjustable Hanger or Custom Hanger — You Make the Call

Randy Shackelford

It would be a lot simpler for designing engineers if structural connections were always for members at right angles to one another. Often, connections have to be designed for supported members that are at a skewed or sloped angle rather than perpendicular to the header. In these cases, the...

#11245 Cover image
December 2019
Issue #11245
Page 104
Glenn Traylor

How Smooth are Your Splices?

Glenn Traylor

Quality trusses with smooth splices help ensure quality ceilings and floor finishes, but several factors may affect their execution. It’s generally understood by most truss builders that, while creating chord splices on any truss, it’s important to maintain a flush plane surface...

#11244 Cover image
November 2019
Issue #11244
Page 38
Rachel Holland, P.E.

Questions Answered: CSHP High-Performance Coiled Strap

Rachel Holland

We recently hosted an interactive webinar in which our new high-performance coiled strap’s product manager, Thom Murphy, and I discussed how an innovative embossment is a game changer for coiled strap, making it easier and faster to install with a standard framing nailer. During the...

#11244 Cover image
November 2019
Issue #11244
Page 108

Designing Resilience: NEESWood Capstone a Decade Later

Jesse Russell

In 2009, Simpson Strong-Tie participated in an unprecedented research event to highlight the importance of earthquake-resistant wood construction. The event, the world’s largest earthquake test, was a collaborative Network for Earthquake Engineering Simulation project. It teamed...

#11241 Cover image
August 2019
Issue #11241
Page 104

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