Glenn Traylor

What is the Best Way to Handle Defects Under the Plated Area?

Glenn Traylor

Everyone who uses lumber in trusses understands that defects in lumber can impact truss performance in different ways. Some defects are not important but others will affect truss performance and can even cause truss failure. [For all photos, See PDF or View in Full Issue.] In the first photo,...

#16296 Cover image
March 2024
Issue #16296
Page 35
MiTek Staff

Information Needed to Provide Efficient Truss Design Repairs

MiTek Staff

Metal plate connected roof and floor trusses are used widely in residential single family, multi- family, commercial, and agricultural construction. They provide design flexibility, span greater distances than traditional “stick framing,” and allow faster erection of the roof system...

#15292 Cover image
November 2023
Issue #15292
Page 97
Ben Hershey & Mike  Ruede, Jr.

Unleashing the Potential: Robotics in the Building Industry and Manufacturing

Ben Hershey & Mike Ruede, Jr.

This year, you can start your BCMC experience with an exciting panel discussion led by 4Ward Solutions Group that features four of today’s most significant robotics manufacturers: House of Design, Trussmatic, Brave Control Systems, and Randek. The panel discussion will take place Tuesday,...

#15290 Cover image
September 2023
Issue #15290
Page 40
MiTek Staff

Effects of Ripping Structural Truss Lumber

MiTek Staff

How does ripping lumber, cutting a board along its length, affect its grade or strength values? Structural lumber is graded or inspected which provides designers, through the National Design Specification® (NDS®) for Wood Construction, the strength/design values for the lumber members....

#15283 Cover image
February 2023
Issue #15283
Page 112
Glenn Traylor

Are You Making Correct Substitutions and Placements When Upsizing Connectors?

Glenn Traylor

Sometimes it is necessary to deviate from the truss design drawing and use a different connector. This may happen when a specific size connector is not available or when the original connector has been removed. Per ANSI/TPI 1 Section 3.6.3, a metal connector can be substituted if the new...

#15282 Cover image
January 2023
Issue #15282
Page 35
Glenn Traylor

What are the Minimum Grade Requirements for Lumber When Manufacturing Components?

Glenn Traylor

With high lumber costs and volatile pricing, it is very reasonable to look for options to normal resources. Many fabricators and lumber manufacturers have been experimenting with using non-regular channels for lumber, including some choices that have created problems and issues with their...

#14276 Cover image
July 2022
Issue #14276
Page 39
Glenn Traylor

Which is Better: Plate Placement Method or Tooth Count Method?

Glenn Traylor

To answer the question of which is the better method, we should start with a little background. A critical plate is a plate with a Joint Stress Index of 80% or greater. The ANSI/TPI 1–2014 Standard stipulates that critical plate inspections must be conducted when completing the three...

#14275 Cover image
June 2022
Issue #14275
Page 39
Glenn Traylor

Is Perfect Lumber Required to Make Great Trusses?

Glenn Traylor

Due to the nature of wood, lumber characteristics can vary in every piece. Even “in grade” lumber can have drastic variations in performance. How can we deal with and adjust for natural defects and variability? We have discussed roof trusses in previous articles, including...

#14274 Cover image
May 2022
Issue #14274
Page 43
Glenn Traylor

Has More Automation Resulted in Too Little Information to the Truss Builder?

Glenn Traylor

Today’s technology has made life easier for the truss designer and others in the truss fabrication process. In the early days of the truss industry, we used, reused, and modified existing designs to create new designs using paper, pencil, and a handy Smoley’s Book. Soon we graduated...

#14272 Cover image
March 2022
Issue #14272
Page 43
Glenn Traylor

Is Your Equipment Up to the Challenge?

Glenn Traylor

Let’s face some facts. Eventually your truss building equipment needs repair or replacement. Exactly when do you pull the trigger? When do you take the big jump? In a perfect world with endless resources, it’s an easy calculation—replace or repair the equipment when there is a...

#13266 Cover image
September 2021
Issue #13266
Page 47

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