Thom McAnally

The Hiring Zone—A New Approach to Employment Searches

It’s in my nature to always keep working to build a better mousetrap, and that’s what I was doing when I started the JobLine back in 1992. I had used recruiters as a candidate and as a General Manager, and I saw how the typical recruiting process could be improved. JobLine...

#10231 Cover image
October 2018
Issue #10231
Page 74
Todd Drummond

Labor Shortage in the Construction Industry is Partially a Self-Inflicted Wound

Todd Drummond

Our industry has been ignoring and not understanding 51% of the population’s needs—specifically, those of women therefore limiting the qualified candidates to fill vital openings

#10229 Cover image
August 2018
Issue #10229
Page 36
Thom McAnally

Relocation Roadblock

There are many things to consider when relocating a candidate. Making sure they are a fit for your organization and the position you are trying to fill accounts for about one-third of the equation. But it’s the other two-thirds where you’ll usually find the...

#10229 Cover image
August 2018
Issue #10229
Page 72
Thom McAnally

Want to Be a Remote Designer? Consider This First

Remote Design positions have become mainstream, but that doesn’t negate the need and desire to have in-office Designers. When it comes to Remote Designers, the kind that are not just an hour from the office, most employers look at them as a commodity. It doesn’t matter if you are...

#10228 Cover image
July 2018
Issue #10228
Page 72
Thom McAnally

Where are the Designers Who Will Relocate?

Not too long ago, before remote design was an option, relocation was one of the best ways in our industry to advance. Candidates, who were ready to take the next step in their career but were stuck in their job for many reasons, would look for better opportunities by changing companies,...

#10227 Cover image
June 2018
Issue #10227
Page 68
Thom McAnally

Sample Standards of Performance: Production Manager/Supervisor

My last article, “Standards of Performance for Smarties,” talked about writing Standards of Performance (SOP). Although an SOP uses a job description for guidance, it’s actually a performance measurement document that identifies the employee’s expected level of...

#10225 Cover image
April 2018
Issue #10225
Page 95
Thom McAnally

Standards of Performance – for Smarties

Writing Standards of Performance (SOP) isn’t like writing a job description, but a job description should be used for guidance. SOP is a performance measurement document that identifies the employee’s expected level of performance. When you have a realistic SOP, your employee and...

#10224 Cover image
March 2018
Issue #10224
Page 91
Thom McAnally

Do You Set Your Employees Up to Fail or Succeed?

In a prior life, many moons ago, I experienced different programs when it came to employee reviews and evaluations. Some were formalized, and others happened only when you had enough guts to ask your boss for a raise. Two companies that I worked for had programs which stood out in my mind as...

#10223 Cover image
February 2018
Issue #10223
Page 93
Thom McAnally

Remote Designers: Cost Effective Component or Necessary Evil?

Before you get the wrong impression—No, I don’t think remote designers are evil, just that some employers are still reluctant to accept them as a viable option. Going beyond the question of if you will use remote designers, let’s get to the reason you should so you can embrace...

#10221 Cover image
December 2017
Issue #10221
Page 87
Thom McAnally

Remote Designer’s Glass Ceiling

The Glass Ceiling is not just a gender or education-based obstacle, it can sometimes be created by career path choices. In our industry, a new Glass Ceiling is coming from Truss Designers deciding to pursue a Home-Based (Remote) position. By remote, we’re talking about at least 4 hours...

#10220 Cover image
November 2017
Issue #10220
Page 83

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