Glenn Traylor

Does Fire Retardant Lumber Require Special Handling?

Glenn Traylor

Fire retardant lumber, also called FRTW, is used when a project has a requirement to reduce the structures’ ability to burn and to reduce the structures’ contribution to the spread of fire. Most fire retardant materials also reduce the development of smoke and the release of...

#16299 Cover image
June 2024
Issue #16299
Page 33
MiTek Staff

New MiTek Fire and Sound Test Reports

MiTek Staff

As MiTek has been hard at work to improve the way the building industry works by increasing the use of offsite components, we have heard from Architects of Record and Engineers of Record that they need more support to be able to specify components. In multifamily construction, there is a high...

#16297 Cover image
April 2024
Issue #16297
Page 98
Paul McEntee, S.E.

Why Fire-Rated Hangers Are Required in Type III Wood-Frame Buildings

Paul McEntee

One of the first mixed-use designs I worked on as a consulting structural engineer was a four-story wood-frame building over two levels of parking. Designing the main lateral-force-resisting system with plywood shearwalls was a challenge for this project that required new details to meet the...

#15289 Cover image
August 2023
Issue #15289
Page 108
Frank Woeste. P.E.

All Things Wood: Design of Wood Structures—an Introductory Course

Frank Woeste

Once again, Virginia Tech will be offering its popular two-day course on topics related to wood construction. This year’s course, to be held on April 26–27, will focus on practical code-conforming design of wood structures based on provisions of the 2018 National Design...

#15283 Cover image
February 2023
Issue #15283
Page 74
Michael Weber

How CLT and Mass Timber Technologies May Revolutionize Skyscapes

Michael Weber

Over the last decade — in outlets reaching from construction industry journals to the Boston Globe and the Economist; from CNN and Fast Company to Popular Mechanics; to Nautilus and TED talks — we’ve been hearing increasingly about mass timber and related phenomena:...

#13269 Cover image
December 2021
Issue #13269
Page 112
Scott Fischer

RTUD and ATUD Now UL Listed As a Through-Penetration Firestop System

Scott Fischer

Whether you’re designing and building a one- or two-story single-family residence, or doing the same for a multifamily, mid-rise wood-frame structure, fire and smoke protection features must be considered, and in most cases are required. When a fire starts, time is of the essence and the...

#13266 Cover image
September 2021
Issue #13266
Page 118
Robert Glowinski

With Latest Publication, AWC Once Again Leads Charge on Mass Timber Construction

Robert Glowinski

As former students, we all know the importance of having a study guide. A great study guide pulls together all the pertinent information from various sources to help you focus on the topic at hand. In the world of mass timber construction, complex codes and standards need to be well understood...

#12254 Cover image
September 2020
Issue #12254
Page 106
Robert Glowinski

Lessons Learned from the Bound Brook Fire and the Importance of Construction Fire Safety

Robert Glowinski

A 7-alarm fire in Bound Brook, New Jersey, in mid-January destroyed six buildings and caused approximately $52 million in damages. Fortunately, there were no reported injuries. The cause of the fire was arson, and the perpetrator was arrested soon after. Nonetheless, in the investigations of...

#12248 Cover image
March 2020
Issue #12248
Page 110
Robert Glowinski

Tall Mass Timber Code Adoptions Continue Trend of Sustainable Design

Robert Glowinski

The City of Denver is the latest in a growing number of cities, states, and municipalities to recognize the possibilities of tall mass timber construction. Following states such as Oregon, Utah, and Washington, the City of Denver voted in late December to adopt the 2019 Denver Building Code,...

#12247 Cover image
February 2020
Issue #12247
Page 102
Robert Glowinski

AWC Successes in Mass Timber, Fire Engagement Mark 2019

Robert Glowinski

The American Wood Council (AWC) is prepared for an active 2020, but first, we look back at the challenges and resulting accomplishments over the course of 2019. Last year was marked by successes in the building codes development process, establishing lines of communications with the fire...

#12246 Cover image
January 2020
Issue #12246
Page 98

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