Robert Glowinski

Flame Spread and Code Conformance Guides for Wood Updated

Robert Glowinski

The work the American Wood Council (AWC) carries out makes it easier for code officials, engineers, designers, and builders to ensure that wood products are used in accordance with the most up-to-date consensus-based building codes. Two AWC publications that support the code and design community...

#11241 Cover image
August 2019
Issue #11241
Page 82
Robert Glowinski

Opening the Lines of Communication with the Fire Service

Robert Glowinski

Last year’s passage of Tall Mass Timber code provisions for inclusion in the 2021 International Code Council’s International Building Code will usher in a new era in construction, allowing for tall mass timber buildings to be constructed up to 18 stories. With these new...

#11240 Cover image
July 2019
Issue #11240
Page 82
Robert Glowinski

AWC Celebrates Building Safety Month

Robert Glowinski

With environmental sustainability becoming the focal point of national discourse, and extreme weather intensifying and occurring more frequently, our buildings need to be sustainable and resilient to mitigate damage to both the built environment and surrounding ecosystem. Researchers are...

#11238 Cover image
May 2019
Issue #11238
Page 76

Code Corner: New Year, New Code Developments

Randy Shackelford

Happy new year! A new year brings new developments on the Building Code front. A summary of relevant code activities follows. ICC Update With the end of 2018 and the start of 2019, the ICC Code Development Cycle for the 2021 I-Codes moves into its second year. The Group A cycle online...

#11235 Cover image
February 2019
Issue #11235
Page 96
Robert Glowinski

Looking Back at 2018 and 2019 Outlook

Robert Glowinski

As 2018 draws to a close, the American Wood Council (AWC) looks back on what has been a very successful year for wood industry markets. Both federally and in the states, the opportunity for wood products has been greatly expanded, building codes have been very successfully updated to account for...

#11234 Cover image
January 2019
Issue #11234
Page 78
Robert Glowinski

New Report Available on Sound Transmission of Wood-Framed Assemblies

Robert Glowinski

The American Wood Council (AWC) has released a new report on sound transmission, “Technical Report 15 (TR15), Calculation of Sound Transmission Parameters for Wood-Framed Assemblies.” This first version of TR15 is applicable to wood-frame floor-ceiling assemblies. A free pdf copy...

#10232 Cover image
November 2018
Issue #10232
Page 74
Paul McEntee, S.E.

Questions Answered: Making Wood Connections Work for Two-Hour Fire Walls

Paul McEntee

In this article, Paul McEntee follows up on our July 25 webinar, Making Wood Connections Work for Two-Hour Fire Walls, by answering some of the interesting questions raised by attendees. We presented an hour-long webinar recently about using fire wall hangers in Type III wood-frame buildings,...

#10232 Cover image
November 2018
Issue #10232
Page 90
Robert Glowinski

Updated Report Helps Engineers, Designers Calculate Fire Resistance of Wood Members and Assemblies

Robert Glowinski

Increasing use of mass timber as a competitive building product in the construction marketplace requires sound design guidelines to ensure safe, efficient, and economic use of wood products. AWC fire research on mass timber conducted over the last year, with support from the Softwood Lumber...

#10230 Cover image
September 2018
Issue #10230
Page 89
Robert Glowinski

Mass Timber Making Progress

Robert Glowinski

The International Code Council (ICC) reviews and updates its family of building codes on a three-year cycle. The code change proposals that will be considered this year affect the fire provisions of the building (IBC) and fire (IFC) codes, and they have been publicly posted. These changes, if...

#10225 Cover image
April 2018
Issue #10225
Page 81
Robert Glowinski

Fire Testing Completed on Full-Scale Mass Timber Building

Robert Glowinski

Five full-scale mass timber fire tests in a multi-story apartment building have been completed with promising results. The International Code Council Ad-hoc Committee on Tall Wood Buildings provided the five fire scenarios that were tested in each of the two one-bedroom apartments constructed...

#10218 Cover image
September 2017
Issue #10218
Page 68

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