Geordie Secord

Design Connections: Where Does the Responsibility Lie?

Geordie Secord

In “Cost-Saving Measures and Memorable Debacles,” I discussed the problems encountered on a site where the owner was acting as general contractor for his new house build and problems that ensued when an inexperienced framer was tasked with installing a complex truss roof. In that...

#16294 Cover image
January 2024
Issue #16294
Page 80
Alpine Team

Important Quality Checks During Each Stage of Truss Manufacturing

Alpine Team

Quality control starts before the first piece of lumber is set into motion. Every employee at each phase of component design and manufacturing plays a critical role to help avoid costly repairs, potential frustration, and additional workload. As an engineer that has seen many repairs, here are a...

#15293 Cover image
December 2023
Issue #15293
Page 92
Landon Boucher

Job Site 101

Landon Boucher

This short article is dedicated to all those in our industry who must occasionally visit a job site but maybe it’s not a part of their everyday function or maybe it is, but it’s new to you. Our industry has an incredible number of people and companies involved with bringing a project...

#15292 Cover image
November 2023
Issue #15292
Page 66
Landon Boucher

Job Site Success Begins with Good Communication

Landon Boucher

My favorite place to meet with a customer is on the job site. Always has been. I started in this industry approximately 20 years ago as a young truss salesman for UFP in Southern California. My training consisted of building trusses in the yard, creating estimates, and completing engineering...

#15290 Cover image
September 2023
Issue #15290
Page 86
Geordie Secord

Design Connections: Reducing the Risk of Truss Collapse

Geordie Secord

Last month’s article, Preventing Truss Collapses, talks about some of the job site mistakes that can lead to truss collapses. I have no scientific data to back this up, but it is my belief that all truss collapses could be prevented by following proper lifting methods and bracing of the...

#15288 Cover image
July 2023
Issue #15288
Page 84
Geordie Secord

Design Connections: Preventing Truss Collapses

Geordie Secord

Over the many years I’ve worked in the truss business, I’ve had the unfortunate experience of visiting numerous job sites where the trusses have collapsed. Without fail, every one of those collapses has been the direct result of improper bracing, improper hoisting, or a combination...

#15287 Cover image
June 2023
Issue #15287
Geordie Secord

Design Connections: Cost-Saving Measures and Memorable Debacles

Geordie Secord

A recent truss and EWP project had so many site-related problems, it must go down on my list of most memorable for all the wrong reasons. Like many of you, I’ve certainly experienced challenging jobs in the past, but it seemed like the stream of problems just never ended. As is often...

#15282 Cover image
January 2023
Issue #15282
Page 92
MiTek Staff

Construction Loading

MiTek Staff

Per BCSI-B4 (Building Component Safety Information): The term “construction loading” is typically used to describe Loads from workers and Building materials on unfinished structure, as, for example, when builders temporarily stack bundles of panel sheathing or gypsum board on...

#14280 Cover image
November 2022
Issue #14280
Page 112
Mark Mitchell

8 Reasons Building Materials Companies Need to Pay Attention to Offsite Construction

Mark Mitchell

Is offsite construction just a fad or is it going to become the new normal for the construction industry? Is it an untapped market for manufacturers and suppliers? If your business is selling building materials, does it even matter whether you sell to offsite facilities or companies that...

#14277 Cover image
August 2022
Issue #14277
Page 82
Nancy Mansfield

Building in the Boondocks with Wall Panels

Nancy Mansfield

As shown on this month’s cover, building with wall panels makes any location possible, including out in the boondocks. We may have to get creative, but we can get there! [For photos, See PDF or View in Full Issue.] These wall panels have been delivered to Kresge College at the...

#14274 Cover image
May 2022
Issue #14274
Page 77

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