MSR Lumber Producers Council

Opportunities Abound at 2024 MSR Workshop in Charlotte

MSR Lumber Producers Council

Spring is in the air and that means it’s time to register for MSRLPC’s annual MSR Workshop! Join attendees from across North America as they convene on April 17 in beautiful downtown Charlotte, NC, for three days of valuable learning and networking opportunities with an incredible...

#16296 Cover image
March 2024
Issue #16296
Page 74
MSR Lumber Producers Council

Species Substitution: Lean into the Full Flexibility of MSR Lumber

MSR Lumber Producers Council

MSR Lumber has a long history of being the right choice for component manufacturers. This reliable and consistent lumber grading system revolutionized the construction industry when it was introduced to the market in the 1960s, and it continues to be a mainstay for truss producers decades...

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December 2023
Issue #15293
Page 74
MSR Lumber Producers Council

Face Time is Favorite at the MSR Workshop

MSR Lumber Producers Council

MSRLPC President George Hamilton summed up this year’s MSR Workshop in three simple words: quality time together. “The Workshop has always been centered on networking and education but this year’s event was particularly focused on the opportunity for people to enjoy some...

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July 2023
Issue #15288
Page 70
MSR Lumber Producers Council

MSRLPC Streamlines Design Values Comparison with New Online Tool

MSR Lumber Producers Council

The MSR Lumber Producer Council’s new Design Values Comparison Tool makes it possible for component manufacturers and other lumber buyers to easily build a comparison table based on species, size, and grade that includes design values for both visually graded and machine-graded dimensional...

#15287 Cover image
June 2023
Issue #15287
Page 68
David Conner

Truss Design Value Comparison Tables

David Conner

Timber Products Inspection has compiled design value comparison tables for several popular species and species groups as a helpful tool for truss manufacturers to determine if a lumber grade and/or lumber species substitution satisfies the original truss design. The data used comes from the 2018...

#15285 Cover image
April 2023
Issue #15285
Page 84
MSR Lumber Producers Council

Gain Insight into MSR Lumber Market at April Workshop

MSR Lumber Producers Council

As plans for the 2023 MSR Workshop come together, MSRLPC President and Workshop Committee Chair George Hamilton says members are getting excited to host another memorable event. “We are looking forward to experiencing San Antonio and all that our meeting venue has to offer,” says...

#15284 Cover image
March 2023
Issue #15284
Page 69
MiTek Staff

Effects of Ripping Structural Truss Lumber

MiTek Staff

How does ripping lumber, cutting a board along its length, affect its grade or strength values? Structural lumber is graded or inspected which provides designers, through the National Design Specification® (NDS®) for Wood Construction, the strength/design values for the lumber members....

#15283 Cover image
February 2023
Issue #15283
Page 112
MSR Lumber Producers Council

Building Confidence: Understanding the Technology Behind MSR Lumber

MSR Lumber Producers Council

In our October article, Because Good Ingredients Matter, we focus on the word quality and the many ways that MSR lumber has become synonymous with high quality structural building components. Having laid the groundwork for why MSR has become so important for optimizing truss designs and an...

#14281 Cover image
December 2022
Issue #14281
Page 94
MSR Lumber Producers Council

Component Manufacturers Enjoy Valuable Networking & Learning Opportunities at 2022 MSR Workshop

MSR Lumber Producers Council

“We were pleased to welcome 77 individuals to the MSR Workshop in Salt Lake City this past April,” reports MSRLPC President George Hamilton of Canfor Southern Pine. “It was wonderful to be together again with a great group of industry members – from MSR producers, to...

#14276 Cover image
July 2022
Issue #14276
Page 82
MSR Lumber Producers Council

MSR Workshop Sessions Deliver Value for All in Supply Chain

MSR Lumber Producers Council

From its inception, the MSR Workshop has brought together members of the entire lumber supply chain, from production and grading to sales and distribution to end users. Each year, that tradition inspires a great variety of educational topics and a unique opportunity for participants to gain a...

#14273 Cover image
April 2022
Issue #14273
Page 84

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