Sean Hubbard

Spida Acquires Square 1 Design

Sean Hubbard

The acquisition of Square 1 Design solidifies Spida Machinery’s position at the apex of machinery suppliers for the Building Components industry. Globally positioned to supply machinery around the world, our equipment profile includes options for all component manufacturers—from...

#11241 Cover image
August 2019
Issue #11241
Page 60
Chris Scott

You’re Only As Strong As Your Weakest Link

Chris Scott

Being only as strong as your weakest link is not only true in sports but also on the production line, whether we are talking about people or equipment. Diagnosing the slowest and least efficient point in any production line is key to having a successful and profitable manufacturing...

#11240 Cover image
July 2019
Issue #11240
Page 14
Chris Scott

How Your Plant Can Benefit From a Spida Extruder Wall Panel Framing Line

Chris Scott

Powered by people, a manual line in an average component plant is composed of a rough opening station, a subcomponent station, a framing station, a squaring station, and a sheathing station. In the configuration, typically 8 people are on this line, and 1000 LNFT of output is the average goal...

#11239 Cover image
June 2019
Issue #11239
Page 14
Sean Hubbard

BCMC Update

Sean Hubbard

The trip home provided for some much-needed quiet time to reflect on the most successful B.C.M.C. of modern times. I believe the equipment displayed well represented the advancements made by our industry over the last decade or two. It also offered a glimpse into the future where automation in...

#10232 Cover image
November 2018
Issue #10232
Page 17
Sean Hubbard

Wall Panel Sheathing Stations

Sean Hubbard

September is here, so it’s time to wrap up our comparisons of wall panel equipment. Again I would like to thank all of the manufacturers who have taken the time to review the draft charts I’ve compiled and supply additional information and clarification. Their input across these...

#10230 Cover image
September 2018
Issue #10230
Page 18
Frank Woeste. P.E.

All Things Wood: Wood Frame Construction Manual—a Valuable Structural Design Guide

Frank Woeste

While the International Residential Code (IRC) gives the structural requirements and prescriptive design data for residential framing, additional help for the non-engineer is available through the Wood Frame Construction Manual for One- and Two-Family Dwellings (WFCM) published by the American...

#10222 Cover image
January 2018
Issue #10222
Page 73
Joe Kannapell

Automating Wall Panel Production

Joe Kannapell

To expedite the adoption of pre-built wall panels, shop labor must be significantly lower than site labor. That means replacing hand-nailing, measuring, cutting, and manhandling with practices that have been proven in truss fabrication. In addition, major builders and reluctant framers demand...

#10221 Cover image
December 2017
Issue #10221
Page 20
Joe Kannapell

Panelization Automation

Joe Kannapell

The long overdue rebirth of domestic wall panel technology is finally upon us, as U.S. manufacturers have begun to innovate. For the last 30 years, they ceded the upper end of the market to the Europeans, and focused on manual framing and sheathing solutions. For the last 10 years, they have...

#10216 Cover image
July 2017
Issue #10216
Page 6
Jay Halteman

Primer for Wall Panels, Part Two

Jay Halteman

In the first part of the Primer for Wall Panels, we discussed the fundamentals of wall panel production and how they may figure into your wood component business. In summary, we asked the reader to remember that wall panels were built for decades with little more than a blueprint,...

#09202 Cover image
May 2016
Issue #09202
Page 31
Frank Woeste. P.E.

Controlling Floor Vibration

Frank Woeste

Home buyers naturally take for granted that the floor system in a new house is safe and complies with the building code—and rightly so. But home buyers also have expectations for their floors that are unrelated to safety or the building code. In particular, many home buyers are aware of...

#09199 Cover image
February 2016
Issue #09199
Page 43

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