MSR Lumber Producers Council

Species Substitution: Lean into the Full Flexibility of MSR Lumber

MSR Lumber Producers Council

MSR Lumber has a long history of being the right choice for component manufacturers. This reliable and consistent lumber grading system revolutionized the construction industry when it was introduced to the market in the 1960s, and it continues to be a mainstay for truss producers decades...

#15293 Cover image
December 2023
Issue #15293
Page 74
MSR Lumber Producers Council

MSRLPC Streamlines Design Values Comparison with New Online Tool

MSR Lumber Producers Council

The MSR Lumber Producer Council’s new Design Values Comparison Tool makes it possible for component manufacturers and other lumber buyers to easily build a comparison table based on species, size, and grade that includes design values for both visually graded and machine-graded dimensional...

#15287 Cover image
June 2023
Issue #15287
Page 68
David Conner

Truss Design Value Comparison Tables

David Conner

Timber Products Inspection has compiled design value comparison tables for several popular species and species groups as a helpful tool for truss manufacturers to determine if a lumber grade and/or lumber species substitution satisfies the original truss design. The data used comes from the 2018...

#15285 Cover image
April 2023
Issue #15285
Page 84
MSR Lumber Producers Council

Building Confidence: Understanding the Technology Behind MSR Lumber

MSR Lumber Producers Council

In our October article, Because Good Ingredients Matter, we focus on the word quality and the many ways that MSR lumber has become synonymous with high quality structural building components. Having laid the groundwork for why MSR has become so important for optimizing truss designs and an...

#14281 Cover image
December 2022
Issue #14281
Page 94
MSR Lumber Producers Council

Because Good Ingredients Matter

MSR Lumber Producers Council

Since the 1960s, fabricators have used machine stress rated (MSR) lumber of all species to improve the performance and reliability of their engineered components and structures. Nowadays, you don’t have to look far to find a successful component manufacturer who relies heavily on MSR...

#14279 Cover image
October 2022
Issue #14279
Page 90
MiTek Staff

Understanding Bearing Size at a Wall or Beam

MiTek Staff

The first thing to consider with bearing sizes is the minimum required by the building codes. Per 2018 IRC, International Residential Code for One- and Two-Family Dwellings, Sec. R802.6 – When a ceiling joist is supported directly on wood or metal, the minimum bearing size required is...

#14273 Cover image
April 2022
Issue #14273
Page 112
Matt Layman

Lumber Briefs: February Rally 91% Probability

Matt Layman

“Chaotic”...the Perfect January Tag If there was ever any doubt as to what we should expect from January Chaos, 2022 is a textbook example. Traders (buyers and sellers) enter the month with new year expectations that either repeat or improve upon the previous year. These...

#14271 Cover image
February 2022
Issue #14271
Page 94
Matt Layman

Lumber Briefs: Where Did All the Lumber Go in October?

Matt Layman

I’m hearing two conversations. Mills wonder where all the wood is going and buyers wonder if there is going to be pull back to buy, particularly in the south. Granted those are not abundant conversations because most folks are sitting fat and sassy; perfectly comfortable. Will we get a...

#13268 Cover image
November 2021
Issue #13268
Page 104
Matt Layman

Lumber Briefs: When Everyone Agrees: Don’t!

Matt Layman

The last couple of years have served up ample opportunities to be reminded of the futility of following the herd. The industry is still reeling from its hypnotic inventory accumulation at the insistence of home builders’ demands to not leave them under supplied. Some of our members took...

#13265 Cover image
August 2021
Issue #13265
Page 110
Anna Stamm

All Things Wood: The Use of Non-Typical Lumber Grades

Anna Stamm

In our January 2021 issue, Frank Woeste and Don Bender wrote, “Hybrid Lumber" Grade Stamps Require Special Attention. This article provided information on how to recognize hybrid grade marks and how to calculate hybrid lumber values for truss design. Included was this caution: A...

#13264 Cover image
July 2021
Issue #13264
Page 82

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