Robert Glowinski

AWC Celebrates Building Safety Month

Robert Glowinski

With environmental sustainability becoming the focal point of national discourse, and extreme weather intensifying and occurring more frequently, our buildings need to be sustainable and resilient to mitigate damage to both the built environment and surrounding ecosystem. Researchers are...

#11238 Cover image
May 2019
Issue #11238
Page 76
Robert Glowinski

AWC Releases Third Environment, Energy, and Safety Report

Robert Glowinski

In late 2018, the American Wood Council released its third biannual AWC Environment, Energy and Safety: Industry Progress Report. Compiled from data collected over the last decade, the report shows that there have been significant improvements by the industry in these three areas, even despite...

#11235 Cover image
February 2019
Issue #11235
Page 80
Robert Glowinski

Looking Back at 2018 and 2019 Outlook

Robert Glowinski

As 2018 draws to a close, the American Wood Council (AWC) looks back on what has been a very successful year for wood industry markets. Both federally and in the states, the opportunity for wood products has been greatly expanded, building codes have been very successfully updated to account for...

#11234 Cover image
January 2019
Issue #11234
Page 78
Robert Glowinski

Second Chance for Employees and Wood Products

Robert Glowinski

“Everything and everyone deserves a second chance.” That’s the philosophy of Second Chance Inc., a Baltimore-based non-profit that deconstructs homes and other buildings to salvage materials for reuse. It’s also a philosophy that the American Wood Council (AWC)...

#10233 Cover image
December 2018
Issue #10233
Page 78
Robert Glowinski

Now’s the Time to Promote Safe, Sustainable Construction

Robert Glowinski

October is a busy time for the wood products industry. There are not one but three weeks dedicated to national observances important to the safe built environment. Sunday, Oct. 7 – Saturday, Oct. 13: National Fire Prevention Week The National Fire Protection Association’s Fire...

#10231 Cover image
October 2018
Issue #10231
Page 92
Robert Glowinski

Renewing Our Commitment to Sustainability

Robert Glowinski

Wood is the go-to material for builders in the U.S., where we have some of the highest construction standards in the world. Why? It’s easy to build with, strong, safe, and renewable. It’s also the right material for our planet since wood allows for a smaller carbon footprint than...

#10227 Cover image
June 2018
Issue #10227
Page 81
Robert Glowinski

Priority Issues During August Recess

Robert Glowinski

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell plans to cut this year’s August recess short by two weeks, but federal lawmakers will still be using part of August to visit constituents at home. The American Wood Council encourages you to use this opportunity to schedule a meeting with members of...

#10217 Cover image
August 2017
Issue #10217
Page 63
Robert Glowinski

How the Green Building Revolution is Encouraging the Wood Products Market

Robert Glowinski

While it’s well known that wood products offer a wide variety of environmental benefits – typically less embodied energy, lower air and water pollution, and a lighter carbon footprint than other commonly used building materials – it can often be a challenge to translate this...

#10213 Cover image
April 2017
Issue #10213
Page 63
Robert Glowinski

Industry Priorities for the Incoming U.S. Congress

Robert Glowinski

On January 3, the 115th U.S. Congress convenes for its opening day proceedings and the first orders of official business begin. The annual budget process will commence over the coming months and Congress will largely determine federal spending allocations, including how funds are distributed by...

#10210 Cover image
January 2017
Issue #10210
Page 57
Robert Glowinski

Tall Wood Buildings are Gaining Momentum

Robert Glowinski

National Forest Products Week Recognizes the Environmental and Economic Benefits of Wood Products The third week of every October is designated as National Forest Products Week, this year held October 16–22. Like others, we commemorate the week, an annual recognition of the many...

#09207 Cover image
October 2016
Issue #09207
Page 52

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