Matt Layman

Lumber Briefs: Always Be Buying Lumber

Matt Layman

In the day of a CM’s and framer’s life, lumber buying is considered the most enjoyable and easiest task to perform. Buying lumber is a huge ego booster. By your own admission, lumber is 40–50% of the cost of producing the finished product. I find it simply stunning how very...

#12247 Cover image
February 2020
Issue #12247
Page 104
Matt Layman

Lumber Briefs: Lumber & Housing Market Forecast—Year End Strategy

Matt Layman

We have six weeks left in the 2019 season with three major holidays inside that window. At a minimum, we will lose one week of jobsite productivity. Buyers are measuring needs against inventory on the ground as well as bought ahead. Many states have year-end inventory taxes and historically...

#11245 Cover image
December 2019
Issue #11245
Page 92
Matt Layman

Lumber Briefs: Lumber & Housing Market Forecast

Matt Layman

Eurowood and SYP…the Future! It’s times like the last couple of weeks in SPF-W, when buyers get taken by surprise, and they have one question for sellers. “How you gonna help me?” Two weeks ago, I warned that SPF mills were about to spring surprise, imminent...

#11240 Cover image
July 2019
Issue #11240
Joe Kannapell

The Last Word: (Another) Last Word on Southern Pine

Joe Kannapell

Despite our reservations about Southern Pine lumber, the timber industry is betting billions that we’ll buy it. Soon the output of SYP mills will race past other domestic species. Fortunately, technological improvements, both at the saw mill and in our component plants, aim to overcome our...

#11235 Cover image
February 2019
Issue #11235
Page 109
Matt Layman

Lumber Briefs: A Fragile Housing Recovery Built on Credit

Matt Layman

Many Americans are not overzealous about the moderate improvements to their lifestyle, income, and overall state of wellbeing during this economic recovery. That is being expressed by the stock market’s decline and increased recession rhetoric. No in-depth statistical analysis is needed...

#10232 Cover image
November 2018
Issue #10232
Page 78
Frank Woeste. P.E.

All Things Wood: Truss Lumber: Checking the Moisture Content

Frank Woeste

The lack of attention to the moisture content (MC) of lumber used in truss manufacturing can cause or contribute to in-service performance issues. Mr. Glenn Traylor’s fine article in the September issue of The Advertiser, “Does Your Lumber Have a Shelf Life?”, was greatly...

#10231 Cover image
October 2018
Issue #10231
Page 80
Glenn Traylor

Does Your Lumber Have a Shelf Life?

Glenn Traylor

Just like some foods, lumber kept in the right environment will store for an indefinite length of time. But just like food, lumber kept in sub-par conditions will have a shortened storage period. If you’re not storing your lumber properly, you may have to question whether it can/should...

#10230 Cover image
September 2018
Issue #10230
Page 32
Joe Kannapell

The Last Word: The Last Word on Spruce vs. Southern Pine

Joe Kannapell

Now is the time to consider Spruce-Pine-Fir (SPF) as a substitute for Southern Pine (SP). As noted below, #2 SPF’s 19% higher bending value and only 10% lower compression value usually enables longer spans. Cull rates are generally lower with SPF, and it is lighter and easier to...

#10228 Cover image
July 2018
Issue #10228
Page 109
Joe Kannapell

The Last Word: SYP Grades Component Manufacturers are Buying

Joe Kannapell

What better way to assess buying trends than to recap the lumber specified on truss designs? The following charts illustrate the material derived from 80,000 truss drawings totaling 12.8 Million Board Feet of wood. Not surprisingly, more than half the total volume is consumed by visually graded...

#10227 Cover image
June 2018
Issue #10227
Page 111
Matt Layman

Lumber Briefs: Trucking Shortage: Lumber’s Summer Nightmare

Matt Layman

We lumber types have come to expect the unexpected. Hence, there is great value when we can identify, well in advance, what the next price manipulating phenomenon might be. 2018 has been a year of looking for an elusive lumber market top. Early in the year I went so far as to call 2018 a bear...

#10226 Cover image
May 2018
Issue #10226
Page 77

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