Celebrating Heart and Teamwork at Vekta

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Issue #11236 - March 2019 | Page #50
By Shelena Serrano

At Vekta, we not only acknowledge the importance of our team, we celebrate it! We recognise that each individual brings something unique and special to the whole team. Every person is respected for their thoughts, contributions, knowledge, and skills—without them, there is no way we could do what we do.

So, how did Vekta celebrate our team last month? We took the most romantic day of the year, Valentine’s Day, and shared the love. In addition to indulging in delicious sweet treats, each person was asked to fill out a few paper compliment hearts. The result? Messages of support, recognition, and love came out in abundance! Some people kept their messages short and sweet whilst others took the time to write a compliment card for every single employee. In no time at all, the communal kitchen was covered in pink compliment hearts. It was heart-warming to read them all and a fantastic celebration of the Vekta team. At the end of the day, each employee received their compliment hearts, many of which are still displayed on our desks.

“Next to excellence is the appreciation of it.”
William Makepeace Thackery

Vekta’s compliment hearts were a kind gesture and fun distraction from work—but more importantly a symbol of our amazing team culture and the respect we share. In fact, we also think of our customers as part of our team. So, the next time you contact us, you may receive more than just superior automated machinery—you might receive a compliment heart, too!

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