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Issue #11239 - June 2019 | Page #6
By Anna L. Stamm

Writing this column on Memorial Day, I was struck by the many reasons we have to feel grateful every day. The holiday provides us with the opportunity to reflect on many aspects of lives, and people in our lives, which we often take for granted.

Remembering How Fortunate We Are

Anyone who has seen the news these past few weeks has seen the devastation brought by weeks of tornadoes and flooding. When we moved to the Tulsa area six years ago, we knew we would have a higher probability of spring tornadoes, but this May has set records. Ironically, the worst damage has not been caused by winds—it is the unending rain. Streets I have driven are submerged; local towns I have visited are devastated by flooding. It is epic. In this context, I cannot be anything but grateful that my friends and family are safe, my wind damage is repairable, and we are finally beginning to see the sun again.

Remembering Those We Have Lost

Memorial Day reminds us to honor those who have lost their lives in service to our country. Yet, I can’t help but think of those we have lost in service to our ordinary lives. By that I mean our unsung heroes who make a very real difference in our lives, whether or not they even expect any recognition for that.

Sadly, The Advertiser family has lost Matt Moore of Eide. Our readers do not “know” Matt, but he is the person who made sure we had those monthly ads for Eide Integrated Systems and ProCut, LLC as well as the handfull of classified ads. But Matt was more than that. He was a warm human being with a great sense of humor. He was fun to pester each month, and I believe he put up a good fight at the end. We will miss him.

So, thank you again to the people who make a difference in our lives. We appreciate your service, even when it is ordinary and unsung. Everyone’s contribution matters.

Anna Stamm

Author: Anna Stamm

Director of Communications and Marketing

Component Manufacturing Advertiser

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