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Issue #12247 - February 2020 | Page #47
By Ray Fedorko

 “Why should I seek outside financing for an equipment purchase?” “How difficult is it?” “What should I expect?”

— These are just a few of the questions which can be answered by Carl Villella of Acceptance Leasing and Financing Service.

Now in his 28th year as a leasing professional, Carl is no stranger to the truss industry. “I know the equipment, I know the vendors,” he says from his office located near Pittsburgh, PA. A frequent attendee at the annual BCMC tradeshow, Carl has worked with just about everyone in the industry. At last count, he has done business with more 100 truss companies over the years, and that even stretches back to the days when Truswal and Robbins Engineering roamed the market.

Carl’s knowledge of the business helps him negotiate the best terms possible for clients. Funders feel comfortable knowing the “ins and outs” of a transaction, which he can provide.

What are the advantages of financing? Carl elaborates on this point: “There are low up-front costs, no financial reporting once approved, the equipment financed is the collateral, and it allows you to preserve your bank lines of credit for more immediate uses.”

He emphasizes as well that he often works with multiple vendors and equipment on a single deal, and having a fixed payment is always an advantage for budgeting.

Carl is a Certified Leasing and Financing Professional (CLFP), a designation that brings a high level of professionalism to a transaction. Would you like to learn more? Give Carl a call at 412-262-3225 to see how he can help you finance your next piece of used or new equipment.

Ray Fedorko

Author: Ray Fedorko

VP Marketing, Acceptance Leasing and Financing Service, Inc.

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