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Issue #10225 - April 2018 | Page #12
Product Comparison #4 By Sean Hubbard

We started our 12-month series of product comparisons with 3 months on our foundation—floor trusses. January featured Floor Truss Roller Presses, February explored Floor Truss Chord Splicers and Finish Rollers, and March identified Floor Truss Stackers.

For the next 4 months, we’re moving up to the roofs. This month, we have both versions of Roof Truss Stackers in our comparison—horizontal and vertical.

The guidelines we have used in assembling this series are:

  • Each product will be limited to only the information available to customers via the internet
  • A comparison of standard features
  • A comparison of optional features
  • Manufacturers must be actively selling in the building components industry
  • No price comparisons will be provided.

I have researched the following companies and websites:

Square 1 Design & Manufacture Inc
Acer Inc
Alpine, An ITW Company
Apex Machine Sales
Clark Industries Inc
Eagle Metal
Eide Integrated Systems
Eide Machinery
Enventek LLC
Fitzgerald Group
The Hain Company
MiTek Industries
NWH Roof & Floor Truss Systems
Panels Plus
Spida Machinery
Stiles Machinery Inc
Triad Machines
Vekta Automation
Wescana Industries
Wasserman & Associates Inc.

Please contact me or The Advertiser if you have any questions or additional input for this or other months. Thank you for your interest in this project conducted by Square 1!

Next Month:

Roof Truss Gantry Systems

Sean Hubbard

Author: Sean Hubbard

Square 1 Design & Manufacture / Spida Machinery

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