Stan Sias

Question of the Day: Gable End Frame Connections and Bracing

Stan Sias

I was asked recently why Component Manufacturers (CMs) do not provide the bracing details and holdowns for gable end frames like they do for the common trusses. The question got me thinking because the details are readily available, as are any mechanical connectors that might be needed to...

#11236 Cover image
March 2019
Issue #11236
Page 60
Frank Woeste. P.E.

All Things Wood: Safety Information for Post-Frame Truss Installation

Frank Woeste

The recent jobsite installation accident involving truss construction, “Three injured in north Washington County barn collapse,” is a reminder of the incredible value of BCSI-B10 for truss installation contractors who install trusses spanning up to 81-ft. and spaced up to 12-ft....

#10223 Cover image
February 2018
Issue #10223
Page 75
Shawn Overholtzer

What Building Professionals Need to Know About Construction Loading

Shawn Overholtzer

Understanding construction loading is important as it relates to the acceptable practices in terms of staging and storing construction materials prior to installation. What does “construction loading” mean? This term describes materials and people that are present during the course...

#10222 Cover image
January 2018
Issue #10222
Page 16

The Never-Ending Search for Truss Repair Information

Kelly Sias

Truss repair is one of the most frequently asked about truss topics. Not surprisingly, when we asked for suggested truss topics in a truss blog, truss repair made the list. Because the summer months bring about a peak in new construction – and plenty of truss repairs to go along with it...

#10218 Cover image
September 2017
Issue #10218
Page 84
Stan Sias

Question of the Day: Bottom Chords and Gable End Frames

Stan Sias

Why do some still insist on placing flat bottom chord gable end frames adjacent to vaulted or scissor trusses when the codes clearly do not allow such framing without special engineering requirements? Can you point me to the code sections that say “No, thank you!”? This is a...

#10210 Cover image
January 2017
Issue #10210
Page 34
Frank Woeste. P.E.

Letter to the Editor: On IBC bracing requirements

Frank Woeste

Dear Anna: A recent long span truss collapse during installation reminded me of the new 2009 (and later) IBC bracing requirements for the Owner of a project with metal plate connected (MPC) wood trusses spanning 60 ft. and greater (churches, schools, commercial, retail, and so on)....

#09208 Cover image
November 2016
Issue #09208
Page 74
Frank Woeste. P.E.

Rethinking Ways to Encourage Permanent Truss Bracing

Frank Woeste

For Component Manufacturers (CMs), it is generally well known that the Registered Design Professional (RDP) is responsible per ANSI/TPI 1 for the design of the permanent bracing system for the wood truss system. However, the issue of responsibility is only the first part of the actual design and...

#09204 Cover image
July 2016
Issue #09204
Page 59
Stan Sias

Question of the Day: Permanent Bracing – What’s the Big Deal?

Stan Sias

Permanent bracing, what’s the big deal? I was recently on a jobsite talking with the Superintendent. The topic quickly turned to the trusses overhead (imagine that!) and I asked if he had a set of the Truss Design Drawings that came with them. He said he did and that they were in...

#09203 Cover image
June 2016
Issue #09203
Page 4
Stan Sias

Question of the Day: FLBOA 2016 Education Conference

Stan Sias

Do Building Officials really want education on the trusses we produce? On Monday, March 14, I had the honor and privilege of presenting to a group of Building Officials (BOs) and Building Designers (BDs) [over 350 individuals live and in-person!] at the Finger Lakes Building Officials...

#09201 Cover image
April 2016
Issue #09201
Page 4

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