Frank Woeste. P.E.

All Things Wood: Safety Information for Post-Frame Truss Installation

Frank Woeste

The recent jobsite installation accident involving truss construction, “Three injured in north Washington County barn collapse,” is a reminder of the incredible value of BCSI-B10 for truss installation contractors who install trusses spanning up to 81-ft. and spaced up to 12-ft....

#10223 Cover image
February 2018
Issue #10223
Page 75
Shawn Overholtzer

What Building Professionals Need to Know About Construction Loading

Shawn Overholtzer

Understanding construction loading is important as it relates to the acceptable practices in terms of staging and storing construction materials prior to installation. What does “construction loading” mean? This term describes materials and people that are present during the course...

#10222 Cover image
January 2018
Issue #10222
Page 16

Introducing the New and Improved Simpson Strong-Tie® Strong-Wall® Bracing Selector

Caleb Knudson

It’s been said that the World Wide Web is the wave of the future. Okay, maybe this is slightly outdated news, as it’s been 25 years since Bill Gates penned his internet tidal-wave memorandum, but it’s a good lead-in to this topic – web apps. More specifically, those apps...

#10220 Cover image
November 2017
Issue #10220
Page 86

Protect Yourself by Understanding Design Responsibilities

Simpson Strong-Tie Staff

ANSI/TPI 1, Chapter 2 As a truss technician or component manufacturer, have you ever been asked to perform duties that fall outside of ANSI/TPI 1, Chapter 2 guidelines? We know in our previous roles as truss technicians and component manufacturers, we were often requested to perform a task...

#10216 Cover image
July 2017
Issue #10216
Page 92

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