Todd Drummond

What is Worse than Poor Services? Denial by the Group that has Terrible Services!

Todd Drummond

Nothing is more frustrating than dealing with poor services by a department within your company or a vendor when you need to resolve a problem or find information on a timely basis. However, what is even worse than the poor services is having that troubled group in complete denial about their...

#12253 Cover image
August 2020
Issue #12253
Page 26
Todd Drummond

Critical Summertime Repeated Problem Areas Hindering Sales

Todd Drummond

Year after year, too many companies suffer needlessly with the same common problems. Even after making new equipment investments and receiving assurances that things will be different, the old issues keep rearing their heads. !  Even with the additional equipment investment, production...

#12252 Cover image
July 2020
Issue #12252
Page 44
Todd Drummond

Three Conditions for Smarter Margin Application to Make Healthier Profits

Todd Drummond

Establishing a proper margin to maximize profits for your roof truss component sales is not as easy as most people think. Most do not have a clear understanding of how small changes make a significant impact on the company’s profitability. Making the most profits possible, no matter what...

#12251 Cover image
June 2020
Issue #12251
Page 24
Todd Drummond

Rethinking a Linear Saw Linked to Two Workstations

Todd Drummond

It seems some people are upset that I made such a public statement with my latest advertisement – “Pairing a Linear Saw with Two Workstations with Each Having Two Assemblers will Cost Your Company Millions in Lost Net Profits.” Specifically, I’m talking about linking...

#12250 Cover image
May 2020
Issue #12250
Page 48
Todd Drummond

Oakland Athletics Baseball and Component Manufacturing?

Todd Drummond

Anyone who knows me to any degree will tell you I am not a sports fan. I do not follow any professional sports or know much about the players and culture. So it may surprise you to have me compare component manufacturing (CM) to baseball. To be honest, I mean to compare the management practices...

#12249 Cover image
April 2020
Issue #12249
Page 53
Todd Drummond

Too Many LBM-Owned CMs are Operating at a Mediocre Rate

Todd Drummond

An anonymous former lumberyard CEO of 17 lumberyard locations (LBM) explained to me that his two component manufacturing (CM) plants made up only 10% of his sales yet contributed 30% of his net profits. He wished he had given the CM division far more focus and resources. As a guru for process...

#12248 Cover image
March 2020
Issue #12248
Page 51
Todd Drummond

Possible 30 Days Savings for the Home Builder Using Wall Panels

Todd Drummond

Did you know that, even though setting wall panels saves an average of eleven days compared to traditional stick-framing of walls, the overall home completion can have an average savings of 30 days when wall panels have been used? For the home builders, every day a home is completed sooner can...

#12247 Cover image
February 2020
Issue #12247
Page 29
Todd Drummond

Look Beyond Manufacturing Improvements to Deliver Better Net Profits for 2020

Todd Drummond

Even though the new build season of 2020 is expected to be a good one for most, it likely will be more challenging to retain net profits than many anticipate. Most component manufacturers (CM) have been buying equipment and expanding their operations like crazy. Also, new money has flooded into...

#12246 Cover image
January 2020
Issue #12246
Page 51
Todd Drummond

Small Investments Can Garner Huge Gains for Productivity for Your Sales Team

Todd Drummond

Last month’s article, “Investment in Employee Training, Not Just Equipment,” produced a lot of good responses from many readers. Now it is time to offer real solutions to help your company improve productivity and reduce costly errors for your sales team and also all of the...

#11245 Cover image
December 2019
Issue #11245
Page 27
Todd Drummond

Investment in Employee Training, Not Just Equipment

Todd Drummond

Is your company’s budget only for new equipment, but no formal training for your employees? Any time you think about investing for productivity gains, often the first thing that comes to mind is investing in new equipment. All too often, we think we see the situation clearly and can make...

#11244 Cover image
November 2019
Issue #11244
Page 47

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