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Issue #10233 - December 2018 | Page #17
Product Comparison #10 By Sean Hubbard

We are deep into the 2018 Product Comparisons now. I decided to delay the next comparisons until after the BCMC to better detail the latest advancements in technology.

Having covered roofs, floors, and most of walls, I have updated the schedule to address other essential equipment for your plant. If there other product comparisons you would like to see, please let us know and we will continue the series.

Schedule of Comparisons:

January   Floor Truss Roller Press

February   Floor Truss Chord Splicers & Floor Truss Finish Rollers

March   Floor Truss Stackers

April   Roof Truss Stackers, Vertical & Horizontal

May   Roof Truss Gantry Systems

June   Roof Truss Tables, Roof Truss Conveyors, Roof Truss Ejection Methods, Roof Truss Finish Rollers & Roof Truss Jack Tables

July   Roof Truss Automated Jigging

August   Wall Panel Framing Stations & Wall Panel Plate Marking Systems

September   Wall Panel Sheathing Stations

December   Automated Saws, High End

January   Automated Saws, Low End

February   Up Cut Saws


  • Each product will be limited only to the information available to customers via the internet
  • A comparison of standard features
  • A comparison of optional features
  • Manufacturers must be actively selling in the building components industry
  • No price comparisons will be provided

If you are interested in certain product comparisons and they are not listed here, please send your request to Likewise, if you want to be certain your product is included in our comparison study, please send your information to me as well. Thank you for your interest in this project conducted by Square 1!

Next Month:

Automated Saws, Low End

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