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Issue #11239 - June 2019 | Page #66
By Joe Nolte

It was April 1999 when my brothers, Travis and Jason, and I were given the opportunity to purchase a small, residential-only truss plant in Gatesville, TX. What was once known as D&A Roof and Floor Trusses became the first location of Noltex Truss. Jason and I worked together building and remodeling houses, but Travis worked for another company in a different industry. This new venture allowed us to all work together in a family business.

My brothers and I were eager to build a business and serve the Texas communities we loved. Our mission statement was simple and has withstood the test of time: Noltex Truss is committed to honoring the Lord Jesus Christ by giving our customers a quality product, excellent service, and a competitive price as we continue to grow and service all of Texas and surrounding states. From the beginning, we knew that we each had different strengths that we needed to tap into to give ourselves the best opportunity to succeed. In the beginning, it was just seeing what needed to be done and one of us would jump in there and get it done. As we’ve grown, it has developed into job titles that represent those strengths. Travis, who is the oldest brother, is our Vice President of Operations, so he focuses on all plant-related issues, whether production or equipment, as well as lumber purchasing. Jason, the second oldest, acts as Vice President of Sales & HR, and he excels at managing anything related to employees and customers. Lastly, I serve as President, and I’m rewarded to be able to oversee the company as a whole and handle all pricing of jobs for our sales team. We also are blessed to have the next generation coming up in the company as well. Travis has two sons who work for us—Finus Nolte is a salesman and also designs for us and Bill Nolte is a designer. Jason has a daughter, a son-in-law, and a son working for us—Ariel Featherston is administrative and manages some reports we use internally, Garrett Featherston is a sales account manager, and Josiah Nolte works at our Midland facility. I have two kids who work for us—Hannah Knox is on our design management team and JD Nolte has worked in our accounting department but currently serves as a designer.

As much blood, sweat, and tears as we have personally invested in this company, we wouldn’t be where we are without the awesome people who are a part of our Noltex family. We have a wealth of experience there as well. Ron Reid is our Sales and Operations Manager and he has over 30 years of experience in the industry. Shannon Johnson is our Controller and she has extensive experience in the accounting field. Shane Grisham is our design manager and has many years of experience in both production and design. The plant managers we have I would put up against any in the industry. Without all of these great people, we wouldn’t be where we are today.

At Noltex Truss, you can depend on our experience, our quality, and our commitment to our customers to deliver custom-built trusses on time and at a fair price. We understand the on-going changes in building trends and are quick to respond to the needs of our customers.

With an entrepreneurial, steadfast vision to grow Noltex Truss into a large, multi-location, multi-vertical construction truss manufacturer, we have endured not only a humble, one location, beginning, but have persevered through many industry challenges and evolved into a successful, competitive industry front-runner, servicing the multifamily, commercial, and residential construction markets in the States of Texas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico. Now, we have four strategically-located facilities in Houston, Dallas, Lubbock, and Midland, and hope to continue growing into other emerging Texas regions.

So, to all of our past and current customers, we say a big THANK YOU for keeping us in business for 20 years! We look forward to our continued growth, building a legacy, and offering a wealth of valuable industry knowledge and experience our customers have helped us acquire. And, to all of our friends, colleagues, and past/present/future customers, we invite you to stop by if you’re in the neighborhood—we’ll be happy to show you around any of our facilities and introduce you to the great people we have working with us.

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