Countdown to BCMC—Where Friends are Like Family...And Vice Versa!

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Issue #11240 - July 2019 | Page #18
By Anna L. Stamm

The component industry’s biggest event is only 3 months away! This year’s Building Component Manufacturers Conference will be held on October 22–25 in Columbus, OH. Will you be there?

Exhibitors are readying their booths, speakers are preparing their sessions, and we’ve decided to help build the excitement with a trip down memory lane. To kick off, we’re reminding everyone how you’ll always see lots of smiling faces at the show. In this industry, our friends truly are like our family, and BCMC is the annual opportunity to see your friends face-to-face again.

What’s more, some of our friends really are family! Here is a terrific memory from BCMC 2009.

Pictured [See PDF or View in Full Issue] are that year’s out-going SBCA President Ben Hershey, Industry Legend (and Dad) Don Hershey, and then-BCMC and SBCA staff member Keith Hershey.

What is YOUR favorite memory from BCMC? Did you join us and “Soar to New Heights” in Phoenix that fall? Maybe you have a story to tell from “Revvin’ Up and Gaining Momentum” in Charlotte in 2010. What brings you to BCMC each year?

Anna Stamm

Author: Anna Stamm

Director of Communications and Marketing

Component Manufacturing Advertiser

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