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Issue #10231 - October 2018 | Page #74
By Thomas McAnally

It’s in my nature to always keep working to build a better mousetrap, and that’s what I was doing when I started the JobLine back in 1992. I had used recruiters as a candidate and as a General Manager, and I saw how the typical recruiting process could be improved. JobLine standardized the candidate presentation into a Candidate Profile/Application that is almost like having a first interview. JobLine created the dual confidentiality approach where both the candidate’s and employer’s search remain Strictly Confidential. Employers like the detailed service JobLine provides, but of course some were still reluctant to pay a recruiting fee and won’t use a recruiter, even the JobLine.

Since the start of the JobLine 26 years ago, the internet has brought many changes to our world, including Job Boards like Monster, ZipRecruiter, Indeed, and others. Employers can post their job opening and candidates can apply directly for jobs. Super easy! Posting a job is relatively cheap, in the hundreds not thousands like recruiting. The downside is that these job boards attract millions of people with zero experience and skills that our industry needs. When an employer in our industry posts a job on the internet in one of these Job Boards, they can get hundreds or thousands of resumes—and that means they will have to spend valuable time and effort to screen and discard unqualified candidates. In the end, you may get one out of a thousand who is worth contacting, but it’s not as easy or inexpensive as it appears.

When we started The Advertiser, I didn’t want it to compete with the JobLine. The Advertiser was more of a hobby than a business, and JobLine paid the bills. But that was then, and this is now. After Anna joined The Advertiser, our advertiser and subscriber base skyrocketed. It became a magazine with a purpose and took a major position in the industry as the largest and only monthly publication. That meant it was time to consider a change, and start thinking about ways to build a better mousetrap again.

With our new website, I want to see if we can take our attitude of providing the best service at a reasonable price to a new level by adding a job board that is industry-focused. With our subscriber base at over 5,000, we have an audience that can give employers better options—options that are industry-focused, less likely to draw a large number of unqualified candidates, and, in true Advertiser format, at a cost less than the competition. That is the motivation for The Hiring Zone.

The Hiring Zone gives employers a forum on a top industry-focused website where they can post jobs that require industry skills and experience, and which draws industry candidates who can apply directly to them. Industry professionals can search for industry jobs and apply directly to companies, including uploading a resume. Check it out, try it out, see how the Hiring Zone can help you attract Industry Professionals at a fraction of the cost of recruiting, and less than most internet Job Boards, and avoiding the usual throng of unqualified candidates.

I am confident that the JobLine will continue to provide outstanding recruiting services to candidates and companies who need our services, and I’ll continue to be your personal recruiter. With the addition of the Hiring Zone, The Advertiser will fill a need that has been sorely lacking from other industry venues. Together, these two options will provide you with the most convenient, affordable, and effective approaches for your employment searches.

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