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Issue #11236 - March 2019 | Page #15
Product Comparison #12 By Sean Hubbard

Believe it or not, we have reached the end of our 12-part series of product comparisons! As I reflect on the past twelve months, I realize how engrossed in our own product offering I was and how unfamiliar I was with our competition. As challenging and time consuming as this project has been, it was a great exercise for me. Growing up in Klaisler Mfg. Corp, I had a good handle on the roof truss equipment, however I would often classify myself as a novice in wall panel manufacturing. I no longer feel this way! This exercise taught me, the wall panel equipment we manufacture and represent with Spida Machinery firmly establishes that Square 1 Design is at the forefront of technology and innovation for wall panels.

I understand the industry is small and innovation is expensive, but the shear lack of competition in the industry does not offer a great deal of variety to the consumer. I was often disappointed in the variety available. I have met with our staff and, as a supplier, innovator, and leader in the market, I believe it is imperative we continue to offer options and solutions to the industry that are not “out of box” rather a custom design that meets the needs of each component manufacturer. 

I truly hope you have found the product comparisons valuable and hope you have enjoyed the series, it has been a valuable experience for me.

As a reminder, the previous months featured these comparisons:

January                  Floor Truss Roller Presses

February                 Floor Truss Chord Splicers & Floor Truss Finish Rollers

March                     Floor Truss Stackers

April                       Roof Truss Stackers, Vertical & Horizontal

May                        Roof Truss Gantry Systems

June                        Roof Truss Tables and Roof Truss Conveyors

July                         Roof Truss Automated Jigging

August                    Wall Panel Framing Stations & Wall Panel Plate Marking Systems

September               Wall Panel Sheathing Stations

December                Automated Saws, High End

February                 Automated Saws, Low End

Please contact me or The Advertiser if you have any questions, and thank you for your interest in this project conducted by Square 1!

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