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Issue #12247 - February 2020 | Page #17
By Chris Scott

It’s been the time of year for reflection and forecasting, thinking about what can be learned from last year and what should be expected from the new year to come. The most successful of us are the best at applying those lessons learned and having the ability to anticipate upcoming changes in their customer base. So, let’s preview this year and some key issues that will affect us all.

It’s an election year, and typically that means we can expect stagnant growth. Experts are also predicting a slight recession, but it looks like the greatest impact will be felt in the technology industry. Housing should see a slight dip in some regions, but hopefully even its worst case will be similar to last year on average for the majority. Prefab continues to get a lot of attention on a national level, which should help carry positive momentum through 2020.

As I travel from shop to shop, labor is still the biggest issue I see every shop facing, and this year will not be any different. Coupling this problem with the idea that the first quarter of the year should be spent on improving processes and leaning out, naturally we should think about ways to address both at once—such as implementing semi or full automation this year.

Getting that new Spida Piecemaker or Tornado linear saw might be the solution for you. Direct feed systems from saws straight to tables seems to be increasing in popularity. Saws are getting more efficient, smaller, quieter, and cleaner, which makes this approach a much more beneficial option than separated saws shops.

For others, the best solution might be rearranging their current layout and adding the correct conveyor system to eliminate manual material handing situations. Handling inline materials is always something that can be improved upon, and handling finished product manually can be eliminated completely. From dependable and long-lasting truss and floor stackers to horizontal wall panel stackers, Spida has multiple options to reduce labor and improve your end process.

Wall panels seem to be making a strong comeback, and this is one area where Spida can have a significant impact. The Extruder line will reduce labor and safety issues while increasing quality. Sheathing has always been the bottleneck of the wall panel process, but Spida’s Automated Sheathing table will make that bottleneck a thing of the past. You now don’t have to worry about nail spacing, shiners, or the extra labor to access both sides of the table.

Pairing the correct equipment solutions to your production will make the most impact in years where there are market uncertainties. If you wait until the market dips or goes flat, then you have waited too long. Be proactive and take measures now to ensure that, no matter what the market does, you will not only survive but thrive. Partner with Spida USA—you can count on us to be there for you no matter what the market does this year.

Chris Scott

Author: Chris Scott

Square 1 Design and Manufacture /Spida Machinery

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