Todd Drummond

The Drummond Short Schedule Time-Standard System

Todd Drummond

Using Man-Minutes to Manage Your Labor Industrial engineering – “The branch of engineering that is concerned with the production of industrial goods, especially by the design of efficient plants and procedures and the management of materials, energy, and labor.” (Source:...

#11236 Cover image
March 2019
Issue #11236
Page 39

Good Ideas Come from Many Places — “Necessity Is the Mother of Invention”

Steve Rotzin

You never know where the next great product idea or innovation is going to come from — some of our best new ideas originate with the customers who use our current products. At Simpson Strong-Tie, we welcome any inspiration that can help us serve our customers’ needs even better. With...

#11234 Cover image
January 2019
Issue #11234
Page 94
Todd Drummond

Estimating Truss Labor Using Board Footage Versus Proper Man-Minute Time Standards

Todd Drummond

For many years, I have been beating the drum that board footage (BF) is an imperfect unit measurement that our industry should abandon. The better alternative is the proven method of time estimations which uses man-minutes (MM). Man-minutes are derived from time-in-motion practices that have...

#10228 Cover image
July 2018
Issue #10228
Page 22
Todd Drummond

Are Your Salespeople Selling Your Company into Eventual Bankruptcy?

Todd Drummond

Most people have a mistaken belief that my services are all about making component manufacturing more efficient. Actually, more than half my time during a consultation is taken up reviewing things like management practices and the sales process. Fact is, sales—correction, healthy...

#10227 Cover image
June 2018
Issue #10227
Page 30

Good Bones

Dave Pasolli

If you enjoy watching any of the many home improvement shows where the hosts pick an older home to renovate, you notice they always talk about the “bones” of the house. In their opinion, this is one of the most important features of any potential renovation job. Typically, they...

#10224 Cover image
March 2018
Issue #10224
Page 74
Todd Drummond

Change Your Pricing Formula for 2018 and Make More Net Profit

Todd Drummond

Let us assume that you are having problems with a truck’s transmission and it must be repaired or replaced. The local mechanic explains the hourly rate for service and that the cost of any parts needed to fix the transmission is extra. The hourly charge he is billing is to cover his...

#10222 Cover image
January 2018
Issue #10222
Page 30
Joe Kannapell

Robotics, continued

Joe Kannapell

Automation is advancing around the world, but will it yield the quantum leap promised? And how big a margin will it provide over conventional processes? Let’s first assess how various systems affect non-direct-labor inputs to the production process. Later we’ll balance these against...

#10215 Cover image
June 2017
Issue #10215
Page 6
Matt Layman

Lumber Briefs: The Real Cost of “Not Discounting” Invoices

Matt Layman

Part Four in the Save Money Series Back in the good old days, when I was a rookie lumber broker, central zone SYP producers offered wholesalers a 5% discount which gave us incentive to work their wood outside Mississippi and Alabama. I offer that just to be aggravating. Also, back in...

#10211 Cover image
February 2017
Issue #10211
Page 58
Matt Layman

Lumber Briefs: Anticipated 2x4 Prices H1-2017

Matt Layman

Part Three in the Save Money Series I certainly do not have crystal ball, but I do have something almost as good. I have history and the ability to analyze the market from a fundamental and technical perspective. Together they provide an 86% accurate forecast of when prices will rise and...

#10210 Cover image
January 2017
Issue #10210
Page 59
Carl Schoening

The Approach of Opportunity

Carl Schoening

Those of us who have been around this industry long enough have a general feeling of cautious optimism. We have all been through the economic ups and downs, the building cycles, and all the rest. We have sat listening to economists at BCMC every year. We have read so many detailed articles over...

#09206 Cover image
September 2016
Issue #09206
Page 16

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