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Issue #12253 - August 2020 | Page #76
By Tom Brauch

The global pandemic has changed the way we work and do business. MiTek knows that many of our customers – and much of the industry – had to adapt to virtual work and new safety measures. But we also know that the demand for innovative advanced components isn’t slowing down, and now is the time for CMs to prepare for future growth. Even more important, they need tools to help their builder and developer customers understand the benefits of offsite solutions – easier installation, faster cycle times, greater efficiency, and less waste. In short, greater productivity, quality, and profitability for their customers.

Our machinery experts have always worked with CMs to bring better solutions to the market – and they continue to do so virtually. But they don’t have a functional truss or wall panel plant set up in their backyards, so we wanted to replicate that experience on a larger scale. Interactive live broadcasts from our Fountain Lakes machinery automation plant were the best option to accomplish this goal, and to do it safely.

Our entire team and crew wore face masks for the duration of our time at the plant, including the camera crew, production team, and our on-air experts. The plant is more than 170,000 square feet with great ventilation, and we maintained six feet of social distance as much as possible, so the team was always safe.

MiTek produced five Facebook Live broadcasts, using each event to focus on a specific solution – saws, floor component equipment, roof component equipment, wall panel equipment, and a complete system. Viewers were able to submit questions via the comments and see demos of the products during the broadcasts.

If you missed a broadcast, all five are available at – click on the Videos tab and the MiTek Machinery – 2020 Virtual Event playlist to watch today. And follow us for updates on future live events!

Tom Brauch

Author: Tom Brauch

Director of Marketing Strategy & Communication, MiTek Inc

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