Remote Offices – This is How We Do It, Part Two

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The Hiring Zone
Issue #11243 - October 2019 | Page #82
By Thomas McAnally

Last month, I wrote about the evolution of my Home Office, and I invited our readers to share details about their own. Are they efficient or extravagant? Large or small? Here’s a reply from one of our readers.

“I have a Dell Alienware laptop and twin 32” dell monitors. My internet is 100MB download and 10MB upload. My office is in a spare bedroom in the basement of our house which works really well with separating work time from home time. I like working remotely because I feel it makes me more efficient with less interruptions. The thing about being a remote employee is you do give up the camaraderie of being with fellow employees.” Rick Louder, Remote Designer

Thanks, Rick, Looks like a sweet set-up!

Tell us about your Remote Design, Estimating, or Sales Office and you could appear in our next issue.

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