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Issue #11242 - September 2019 | Page #24
By Anna L. Stamm

One of the most important effects of the Building Component Manufacturers Conference (BCMC) is that it brings people together in one place for a few days each fall. In this digital age, being in the same building with this many friends and colleagues presents countless opportunities! From friendly chats to business decision-making and everything in between, the annual show allows people to interact at all levels.

Of course, interaction between exhibitors and attendees is at its peak on the show floor. This photo [See PDF or View in Full Issue] of Eagle Metal’s 2018 booth shows how easily an exhibitor can give a hands-on demonstration of its products and their functionality. In particular, component manufacturers are encouraged to learn what they might be missing from their present (or future) vendor. The company representatives in the booths are eager to answer your questions!

What’s more, booth conversations can develop across company lines. Like this photo [See PDF or View in Full Issue] from 4Ward Consulting Group, you may find yourself involved in a discussion that brings in more than one exhibitor and/or component manufacturer. With so much happening in the industry, there’s plenty to discuss each day!

And not only are people interacting—companies are too!

As shown in this photo [See PDF or View in Full Issue] of MiTek’s 2018 booth, BCMC lets companies demonstrate how well their products will work together in your plant. This photo shows the Ranger Lumber Retrieval System manufacturer by Acer Inc. A fully-automatic laser-guided lumber feed system, the Ranger sets the pace of production in a plant, keeping linear saws fed automatically to reduce errors and downtime, while speeding up production and reducing labor costs. Indeed, the MiTek booth let customers see its MatchPoint® DirectDrive™ system just steps from this complementary lumber retrieval system by Acer Inc.

Showing a different side of company-level cooperation, Simpson Strong-Tie partnered with Hundegger and LP to build bocce ball courts adjacent to their booths at the 2018 BCMC (shown in this photo courtesy of Simpson Strong-Tie) [See PDF or View in Full Issue]. That’s right, attendees had even more reasons to visit the Simpson booth—and everyone can look forward to Simpson Strong-Tie (and Hundegger) sponsoring the bocce ball competition again this year!

Who, and what, will you see at the show? Be a part of the industry’s main event and connect with your colleagues in Columbus this October.

Anna Stamm

Author: Anna Stamm

Director of Communications and Marketing

Component Manufacturing Advertiser

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