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Issue #11241 - August 2019 | Page #20
By Anna L. Stamm

People look forward to attending the Building Component Manufacturers Conference (BCMC) for many reasons, including connecting with their friends and colleagues, participating in meetings and educational sessions, and enjoying social activities and events. But undoubtedly the #1 reason to attend BCMC is the exhibitor booths!

This annual tradeshow hosts an impressive array of suppliers to the structural building components industry, all of whom are eager to show what they can offer their customers. Here’s a look at four exhibitor booths from last year with previews for this October.

Eagle Metal’s 2018 booth (pictured) [See PDF or View in Full Issue] invited attendees to learn more about the innovative solutions they offer, having served the component industry for more than 30 years with connector plates, structural design software, engineering services, and manufacturing equipment. Now, with Eagle’s Truebuild® Software Suite, customers can utilize (and customize) six integrated platforms: Truebuild® Layout, Send4Seals, Truss, Management, Batch, and Cloud. Visit this year’s booth for more about Eagle Metal’s dedication to providing dependable, efficient, and effective design and engineering software solutions.

In 2018, Square 1 Design’s booth (pictured) [See PDF or View in Full Issue] offered the largest display of production equipment in the industry. The Square 1 Design Intelligent Floor Truss System debuted at the show, alongside the upgraded Floor Truss Finish Roller. Revolutionizing North America’s wall panel production was Spida Machinery’s newest Wall Extruder, Stud Extruder, and Sheather. This year, Square 1 has completed its merger with Spida and will return to the show to display how Spida Machinery serves four specific segments of the industry with equipment for cutting and marking, roof trusses, floor trusses, and wall panel production.

Last year, the Simpson Strong-Tie booth (pictured) [See PDF or View in Full Issue] focused on software for an open industry and building relationships with industry partners. In addition to showing a video of their new Component Solutions® software, the booth featured structural fasteners, including the Strong-Drive® SDW Truss-Ply and SDW EWP-Ply screws and the Strong-Drive SDWC Truss screw, along with heavy girder hangers and new DG firewall hanger. This year, you’ll see how: Component Solutions® software offers comprehensive project management and design tools in real-time 3D experience; Truss Studio® provides simple, robust tools for truss design that enable Designers to become proficient in less time; and, with CS Director®, you can streamline project management by scheduling and tracking tasks, creating truss libraries, managing workflows, and providing access to remote team members.

At BCMC 2018, MiTek’s booth (pictured) [See PDF or View in Full Issue] previewed its new energy-saving and equipment safety features for the MatchPoint® DirectDrive™ system. With just over one year in the field, the MatchPoint® DirectDrive™ system was already reducing shop floor labor by up to 40% for its users, and it served as the perfect complement for MiTek’s MatchPoint BLADE™ Wood Processing System (an automated saw and component manufacturing system) and MiTek’s Wizard PDS Auto Jigging system. From equipment to its Sapphire® software, learn more about all that MiTek has to offer at this year’s show.

Whose booth will you visit first this year? With 95 exhibitors on the list to date, there will be plenty of choices! Show floor hours are Wednesday, Oct. 23 from 10:45 am to 5:15 pm and Thursday, Oct. 24 from 10:15 am to 5:30 pm. Check out what’s new and enjoy the show!

Anna Stamm

Author: Anna Stamm

Director of Communications and Marketing

Component Manufacturing Advertiser

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