Hiring Zone & JobLine: Two Industry-Specific Hiring Options

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The Hiring Zone
Issue #11239 - June 2019 | Page #80
By Thomas McAnally

When it comes to finding the right industry-experienced person to fill a key role, like a designer or plant manager, you have several options. You can DIY and network with employees and industry contacts, engage a recruiter, or place ads and screen candidates internally. I can’t speak to your own individual networking, but I can tell you about two options to focus your search within our industry.

The JobLine has been networking (recruiting) in our industry since 1992. Not a typical recruiting company, The JobLine operates as “Your Recruiter Down the Hall.” Using the JobLine is like using a professional networking consultant to locate, screen, test, and present qualified candidates. One of the biggest differences with The JobLine is a strict Non-Solicitation policy—it will never call your competitors’ employees and talk them into applying. What goes around, comes around, and candidates who jump at those kinds of impulses are more likely to do it again. Candidates come to The JobLine looking for career advancement, better pay, better benefits, a better working environment, to search for that perfect job, or they see a JobLine job opportunity on the web and respond. One key benefit in using The JobLine is having a relationship that works for you 365 days a year. The JobLine knows your company and will bring desirable candidates to you proactively. And, because it is contingency-based, no fees are due unless you hire or otherwise employ the candidate.

Even so, we know that not everyone wants to use a recruiter or pay recruiting fees. That’s why The Hiring Zone is a great new option if you want to find industry professionals by posting jobs online at a reasonable cost (as little as $245 per month). With the Hiring Zone, you can place a job posting and candidates will respond directly to you. No middleman or recruiter is involved. Especially if you hire designers, having a posting year-round keeps your company and career opportunities front and center on The Advertiser website and qualified candidates come to you. With the largest and only monthly publication that focuses on the Truss, Wall Panel, Engineered Building Components, and Offsite Construction industry, your posting can be seen by thousands of industry professionals.

For information on JobLine networking: 800-289-5627 | www.thejobline.com | mail@thejobline.com

For information on the Hiring Zone: https://componentadvertiser.com/hiring-zone

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